Industries That Benefit Most From Hiring Temp Agencies

May 3, 2017

Looking for innovative staffing solutions that will help your company grow? Here are the top Calgary businesses that benefit most from hiring a temp agency. 

Whether you are a small company or a large one, using a staffing firm to hire skilled temporary workers helps you grow on all fronts: it can increase your productivity and make you stand out from your competition.

Hiring temporary workers is a flexible and affordable staffing solution that can provide your company with numerous benefits including: 

At Matrix, a leading Calgary temp agency, we are able to provide comprehensive and personalized staffing solutions to meet all your business requirements and ensure that you have the skilled & knowledgeable workforce you need to keep your company growing.


Which Industries Benefit Most From The Services of A Temp Agency?

Whether you are seeking temporary talent or a trial hire, there are many reasons why you should consider partnering with a reputable staffing agency.

While companies of all kinds can enjoy the incredible benefits of working with temp agencies, there are certain types of industries/workforces that have more to gain from this staffing solution.

3 industries that can hugely benefit from hiring a professional staffing firm include:

1. Office Team Staffing

While administrative teams often get overlooked and taken for granted, without them no department would operate efficiently. Any gaps in the team can result in chaos and decreased productivity.

Due to peak workloads, special projects and staff vacations, companies often require temporary workers for their office team. A temp agency has the wide reach to provide skilled employees in a fast and efficient manner.

2. Health Care

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has experienced an increase in the need for temporary workers due to a shortage of skilled workers and higher demand for health care providers.

Many healthcare employers prefer to work with a staffing company because of it:

3. Construction

There are many scenarios in which a construction company could benefit from the services of a professional staffing firm. This is especially true given the recent shortage of skilled labor and high demand for construction jobs.

A temp agency can help a construction company recruit and retain the best talent thanks to their:

The Rise of Temporary Workers in The Construction Industry

With the construction industry continuing to grow, an increase in the demand for skilled labor is becoming more and more evident.

With temporary jobs accounting for much of the industry growth, labor staffing firms such as Matrix are providing innovative staffing solutions and skilled labor for a variety of positions and projects.

This has many benefits for construction companies including:


Our Calgary temp agency uses an innovative business networking site, Matrix Connect, to help construction businesses keep up with the latest staffing trends and fill construction job vacancies quickly with the most skilled candidates.


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