The Matrix Advantage: Employee Benefits

September 2, 2015

Whether you’re going through a staffing agency or on an independent basis, looking for a job is tough. After researching available opportunities and filing the proper paperwork, you finally find the right role for you. However, there are a number of things to still consider:

Offering full benefits to employees is a huge perk these days and just another characteristic that helps us stand out among other staffing agencies. 
At Matrix Labour Leasing, we provide all our employees with full benefits, including dental and full health. Our benefits package is quite attractive to potential employees because unlike other staffing agencies, we match your .55-cent/hour deduction to cover costs incurred. This way you’re not stuck with a huge medical bill if you’re injured. Other benefits included in our package are:

Employees are eligible for our benefits package once they reach 300 hours.  Once that milestone is hit, we begin processing your file with the insurance company so that the first day of your second calendar month, (after your 300 hours) your benefits can commence.

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