Top Tips For Hiring the Right Heavy Equipment Operator

December 30, 2018

Operating and maintaining heavy equipment requires a lot of experience, training, and knowledge. At Matrix Labor Leasing, we help take care of all your Calgary construction staffing needs to ensure that your employers have the skills to perform their job safely & with minimal risk. 

Heavy equipment refers to a set of machines or vehicles used on construction sites. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, handling and operating such equipment requires highly specialized skills.

Ensuring that employees are well-trained to handle this machinery has many benefits, including:

Matrix Helps You Fulfill All Your Calgary Construction Staffing Needs

Matrix is one of Calgary’s leading hiring agencies. Our professional and well-networked team can help you meet all your construction staffing needs, whether it’s to recruit, manage, or mobilize skilled labour, so you can keep growing and stay competitive within your industry.

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Top Duties and Responsibilities of a Heavy Equipment Operator

Whether it’s a forklift or a more complicated piece of machinery, heavy equipment should never be used by individuals without the correct training. These pieces of equipment can get a construction project done correctly and efficiently but can be very dangerous in unknowing hands.

To help you make wise construction staffing choices, here’s what you need to expect in terms of the responsibilities, duties, and skills of heavy equipment operators:

Responsibilities and Duties


Knowledge Requirements

Because heavy equipment can pose a danger to your workers and passersby, anyone operating this machinery must possess the required knowledge to perform the job satisfactorily.

Before you hire a heavy equipment operator, you must make sure they have knowledge of:


Skill Requirements

Apart from the appropriate knowledge, heavy equipment operators require unique skills and ability to ensure your construction site stays safe and all project goals are met in a timely manner.

These include:


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