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How to Use a Temp Agency to Hire Employees

Working with our leading Calgary temp agency can help you quickly fill those vacant construction jobs with skilled, experienced workers.   Working with a temp agency is a great staffing solution…

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The Ins & Outs of Working With Temporary Workers

Looking to fill that vacant labor job in Calgary? Learn about the changing face of temporary employment and how our staffing solutions can help your construction business grow.   It’s not just…

Calgary Temp Agency

Is Hiring Temp Workers The Right Staffing Solution For You?

Do you need to fill a vacant construction job in Calgary? Find out why hiring temp workers might be your best staffing solution.   At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leading Calgary temp agency, we have…

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How to Find Top Talent For That Vacant Construction Job

Looking for skilled workers to fill that construction job vacancy? Here’s how our Calgary labor staffing company can help you attract & keep talented employees. Behind every great company,…

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Importance of Keeping Your Employees Happy on The Construction Site

The high demand for construction jobs coupled with a severe shortage of skilled workers is creating a significant staffing challenge for companies looking to hire and retain the best talent. In…

Blue Collar Staffing Calgary

How to Work Successfully With a Blue Collar Staffing Agency

Choosing to work with a blue collar staffing agency can provide many benefits, in addition to paying your bills. Your skills stay up-to-date and you may get an inside track to a more permanent…

Labour Jobs in Calgary

The Impact of The Electrician Shortage

With blue-collar workers aging out of construction jobs faster than they can be replaced, the country is facing a serious electrician shortage. There may be young prospects learning the trade and…

Calgary Safety

Improving Safety Standards of Small Construction Businesses

Promoting a strong safety culture on construction jobs not only reduces the amount of injuries and fatalities, but also impacts other business aspects such as productivity and competitiveness. And…

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How To Mitigate The Dangers of Working From Heights

A construction job exposes workers to a wide range of hazards. In particular, falling from heights is a growing occurrence and has been reported to account for one in five serious injuries on the…

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Searching for a Job?

With oil prices dropping to new lows and companies like Husky announcing a new round of layoffs competition for jobs in Alberta continues to increase. Simply submitting a resume that showcases your…

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Construction Sector is Set to Grow

Canada’s Federal Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk recently met with Calgary business, municipal and economic leaders to discuss the current economic difficulties facing the province. Though…

Matrix Labour Leasing Helps Construction Workers Weather the Storm

Matrix Labour Leasing Helps Construction Workers Weather the Storm

As the oil and gas sector announces more layoffs every week, Calgarians are nervous about their futures and job security. Construction workers and skilled tradespeople, in particular, can be…

Introducing Matrix Construction

Introducing Matrix Construction

The Western Canadian construction industry has, for years, felt the stinging need to skilled workers in the workplace. In Alberta and B. C. alone, 60,000 workers with specialized skills are currently…

Housing Starts Show Promise for Calgary Construction

Housing Starts Show Promise for Calgary Construction

For people who work in Calgary’s construction industry, there’s little to be concerned about when it comes to the city’s current economic conditions, if Calgary housing starts are any…

Office Construction in Calgary Creating Jobs and a Bright Future

Office Construction in Calgary Creating Jobs and a Bright Future

Over the past five years, office construction in Calgary has gone from strength to strength. Not only is this boom in office tower construction creating jobs, it is also paving the way to a bright…

Nose Hill & Stoney Trail Interchange

Nose Hill & Stoney Trail Interchange

Matrix is assisting the prime contractor; Acciona Infrastructure Canada on this project. The Stoney Trail Extension has connected Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) to Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail). …

The Fast Growth 50 Awards Ceremony

The Fast Growth 50 Awards Ceremony

On February 12th, 2013 Matrix was presented with our first award! Matrix ranked #7 for the Alberta Venture's Fast Growth 50. We would like to thank Alberta Venture; without you this would…

Matrix ranked 7th by Alberta Venture in 2013 Fast Growth 50

Matrix ranked 7th by Alberta Venture in 2013 Fast Growth 50

They call it the definitive list of Alberta's fast-growth champions, and we're honored to have been included as one of them. The Fast Growth 50 list is based on completed questionnaires…

Getting to know Matrix

Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd. is a construction service company that offers full human resource and placement services. Our company's philosophy is simple; we save our clients time and money by…

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