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Construction Jobs In Calgary

Making the Most of Your Job Search With a Temp Agency

Looking for vacant construction labor jobs in Calgary or Edmonton? Here's what to expect when you work with a leading temp agency like Matrix.   While there continues to be a growth in new…

Staffing Solutions Calgary

Top Construction Careers

5 Top Paying Construction Jobs in Canada Working in construction can be strenuous and intense but it can also bring opportunities to find rewarding and high-paying jobs. While some roles require…

Short term labour jobs Calgary

Pros and Cons of Being a Construction Worker

What is it like to work in Construction? With a career in construction, you will be a part of a global industry and have a variety of exciting and rewarding construction jobs to choose…

Calgary Safety

Improving Safety Standards of Small Construction Businesses

Promoting a strong safety culture on construction jobs not only reduces the amount of injuries and fatalities, but also impacts other business aspects such as productivity and competitiveness. And…

Construction Job Resumes

6 Resume Tips For Construction Workers

Once upon a time, a glowing recommendation was enough to land a construction labour job in Calgary.  But with the increase in competition, many employers now want to see a resume to find out exactly…



Work doesn’t stop just because winter is coming. The risk of getting hypothermia is increasing, but that doesn’t mean you need to fall victim to it. What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia is what…

Matrix Connect

We’ve successfully built a social media platform that not only connects workers to employers in a friendlier way but also connects people to other people. It has a lot of social features like…

Safety on Construction Sites

Safety on Construction Sites

Working in the construction industry in Alberta is a rewarding and prosperous career, but can also be physically demanding on your body. Using equipment, moving heavy loads and climbing scaffolds can…

Edmonton Weathers the Storm

Edmonton Weathers the Storm

Even with current low oil prices, Edmonton’s future is looking bright! The Oilers are drafting top prospect Conner McDavid and, in bigger news, the city’s economy generated 4,800 new jobs in the…

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