Reliability Status

Reliability Status

Looking to expand your workforce for projects that require reliability status? Expedite and streamline the lengthy security screening process by going through a full-service recruitment agency that is government-approved to issue reliability statuses. If your project requires Online Industrial Security Services (OLISS) approval, you can delegate the recruitment process and reliability status application to us for an efficient and streamlined hiring experience.

When you work with Matrix Labour Leasing, you can feel confident in hiring recruited contractors from a trusted and federally-vetted recruitment agency that specializes in the placement and administration of the skilled trades workforce all across Canada. Matrix Labour Leasing has placed over 4,000,000 employment-hours in the Canadian workforce. As a trusted and reputable staffing agency, we can expedite the government security screening process to quickly get you reliable, skilled staff.

With Matrix, you can expect:

  • A streamlined and painless application process.
  • Us to manage all your employee recruitment and clearance status.
  • To recruit quality, experienced and skilled workers faster than hiring independently alone or with another agency. 

One Step Ahead With Matrix

The entire application process takes 3-6 months (or longer) on average if you are a first-time employer seeking your employee's reliability status. During this time, the government will need to vet your application to qualify as a trusted and reputable company. This process can take up to 4 months, and not all agencies are approved for this step.

When you trust Matrix to hire suitable candidates, the application process starts. We are already approved and authorized, so we can get right to the second step of vetting your employee. Here's how we streamline the process:

We Know The In's And Out's Of The Reliability Status Application Process

We have compiled the resources, and we understand the process. Through the millions of employees we've recruited for jobs, we had to learn the procedures, and we've made notes along the way. Let us save you the time and frustration of hiring employees and navigating this cumbersome process. Employee approval, even with employer approval which if you don't already have can take up to 4 months on its own, can still take up to 3 months for employees to be vetted. We can cut that processing time in half because we've already done the first step for you.

Step 1: To be approved for reliability status, and as part of vetting our staff, Matrix will conduct a thorough employee background check and verification of identity. This step is a vital contribution to the 5-year background check required for reliability status approval.

Step 2: Each employee requiring reliability status will need to complete a law enforcement inquiry (background check) by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Matrix will compile a list of nearby accredited fingerprint company locations for your employee to get their electronic fingerprints taken to ascertain a DCN number.

Step 3: We will orchestrate the application process indulging the necessary forms and submit them on your behalf for approval. 

Step 4: We save you time, energy, and resources by orchestrating any further requested interviews, verification, or documents that may be needed. 

Step 5: We will monitor for notification of approval and notify employees and employers once it is obtained.

Step 6: Reliability status is approved; we inform the applicant and fill out and file required documents and certifications.

Step 7: Once approval is granted, your workforce is mobilized to begin work.

Grow Your Workforce Faster

If you’re looking to grow your workforce and your workers require reliability status approval, give Matrix Labour Leasing a call. We’ve learned how to navigate this process as quickly and seamlessly as possible, so you don’t have to and for no additional cost! Find qualified and reliable workers who are ready and capable of meeting all your project needs, you can contact us by calling 1-866-666-9520 or by filling in our online contact form.



Q: What level of security screening does Matrix help facilitate?

Matrix is approved as a verifiable and trusted can request security screening for reliability status. Depending on the worksite, assets, scope of the job, and access to protected information/security, you may need security clearance or enhanced security screening which is offered by the Canadian Government of Canada (GOC). For more information on Government of Canada standards, regulations, processing and approval surrounding reliability status applications, please visit the GOC Website.

Q: Can an individual request their own security screening?

A security screening must be requested based on an individual, by the company security officer (CSO) or alternate company security officer (ACSO).

Q: What is the cost associated with a reliability status application?

When you recruit through Matrix, we facilitate the reliability status application process free of charge. Employees will be responsible for processing fees of fingerprints, police checks, and additional fees associated with supplementary documents.



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