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Over the past two decades, Matrix has invested in the technology and processes to become the de facto leader in on demand temporary and permanent recruitment. Whether you are supplementing your hiring campaign, engaging replacements or need full stack end to end resource management, we have bespoke, economical solutions for your mandate. Contact us for more details or to discuss your project specifications.

We are committed to professionalism, integrity, and safety for all our team members. We believe that highly skilled employees are the backbone of our business. From being the first choice speed-dial to an on-demand emergency call, Matrix is your full-cycle skilled trades, staffing partner. We always aim to hire the right people for the right job. A perfect fit means less attrition, more productivity, and overall better placement.

Streamlined Temporary And Permanent Recruiting For Your Next Project 

What sets us apart is our ability to bid and facilitate the recruitment of projects of any size, anywhere in North America. Our goal has always been to create fair, competitive and stable employment that gives tradespeople the opportunity to develop great careers, while offering our clients the best in class, accurate, full-service HR solutions on time and on budget. Through our partnership with People 2.0, Matrix can offer clients recruiting, unlimited payroll funding, financing, back-end payroll services with 30 or 60-day payment terms. 

Happy Staff Do Better Work and Create Happier Clients 

We believe that by taking care of the important details, the big picture takes care of itself. In our world, those “details” are how we treat, train and motivate our employees, and the “big picture” is our level of client satisfaction. Matrix is community driven and employee centric. The focus is on enhancing the quality of life, delivering a high-level quality of work, and executing win wins for all parties. We invest in our people so we can offer our services with confidence and cultivate a culture of loyalty, quality, competitive pricing and value.



Q: Can you just walk into a staffing agency?

Absolutely! Staffing agencies like Matrix Labour Leasing get walk-ins all the time. The receptionist will ask what type of job you are currently looking for and will likely match you with the best recruiter for that type of role. You may just want to call ahead of time to confirm the recruiter for your type of job is available that day so you don't have to wait around too long.

Q: Which industries do you hire positions for?

Nearly every industry uses staffing agencies at some point in time. At Matrix Labour Leasing, we concentrate primarily on Industrial Construction, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Commercial Construction, Warehousing, and Hospitality. 

Q: Does Matrix provide training for their job placements? 

Safety and training are non-negotiable at Matrix. Over the years, we have invested in programs, onboarding tactics as well as a full training center where we equip and prepare our team with best practices and key fundamentals.




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