Duffin Creek - Pickering ON

Duffin Creek - Pickering ON

Matrix employees are assisting North America Construction with concrete form work on this project.

The work at Duffin Creek consists of a major capacity expansion to the existing facility totaling some $ 400 million of construction over 36 months.

The overall scope of work consists of the addition of the following processes, equipment, piping systems and electrical distribution; six new longitudinal sludge primary clarifiers, six new fine bubble aeration tanks, a new blower building, six new longitudinal secondary clarifiers, two new chlorine contact tanks, a new disinfection building, a new effluent pumping station, new effluent channels, new & upgraded electrical power feeds, new HVAC and building services, and a new SCADA system for the expanded facility.

The work of this contract adds an additional 10,000 cubic meters of concrete to the previously secured $ 172 million liquid & concrete sub-grade phases of the project bringing the total concrete volume to 104,000 cubic meters.

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