West LRT- Calgary

West LRT- Calgary

Matrix is currently working with SLG, a SNC-Lavalin and Graham Joint Venture Project on the west extension of the LRT line in SW Calgary.  We currently have three crews active on the entire project.  The Sunalta Station Crew has rotated from the night shift to day crew in early January of 2011, we have had a larger carpenter crew in Area 4 since October 2010, and have recently started a night crew in Area 2 as of January 2011.  


rea 1 Night Crew:Since July of 2010 Matrix has supplied a 10 person Carpenter Crew that worked the night shift for over five consecutive months.  The extra hours of production gained by this shift was of great benefit to the Area 1 SLG Team.  Since January 2011 the night crew has been no longer required and have been transferred to day shift. We would like to thank our dedicated team members who were able to persevere through many long cold nights and commit to less than desirable working hours.  Thanks again and great job!

Area 2: 17th Ave and 33rd Street SWA massive section of the project located near the Westbrook Walmart.  With a complete underground station, tunnels, extensive temporary traffic alterations, Area 2 is one of the more complicated sections to construct.  In recent weeks between December and January, the skilled trade numbers on site have multiplied in attempts to increase production.  Matrix has supplied a Night Crew for this section which started in the 3rd week of January.  We are pleased to continue providing our man power to the much needed production needed on this section of the project.  As spring time time nears we can only expect yet more increases on both hours worked and skilled trades on site.

Area 4: 17th Avenue and 69th Street SWOur Carpenter Crew in Area 4 have been mobilized on this section of the project since October 2010.  Their primary focus and task has been geared toward completion of the tunnel system of this area.  With almost 85% of the tunnel sections complete as far as structure goes, it has been a successful relationship for our skilled crew and SLG Staff.  It has been a pleasure to service this section as our crew has been very solid right from the very beginning and which in turn, the support from site staff as been well received.

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