How Payroll Funding Can Help Your Business Operations Run Smoothly

December 3, 2021
How Payroll Funding Can Help Your Business Operations Run Smoothly

Payroll funding allows financial flexibility, which translates to security for your employees, clients, and business. Payroll funding allows business owners to access financing they need to keep their business operating during periods of cash flow uncertainty or slowdown with working capital and 15-60 day payment terms upon approved credit. Payroll outsourcing is a complimentary service that is also available to help your business grow. When a  business uses payroll outsourcing, a separate company will manage all of the financing, administration, and processing of payroll including calculating and applying all relevant payroll deductions. By outsourcing payroll and accessing payroll funding, you can be confident that your employees are all being paid in full, on time, every time. Payroll funding and payroll outsourcing can be used in tandem to relieve the stress of payroll obligations. Here’s how payroll funding and payroll outsourcing can help your business operations run smoothly.

Benefits Of Payroll Funding

Matrix offers a full service solution to relieve your small or medium business of the time consuming and costly burden of managing payroll with our Back Office Support services.

Benefits Of Payroll Outsourcing

Saves Time. Outsourcing payroll can help you to streamline your invoicing and collections process without having to redirect your own staffing resources away from the streams that generate cash flow or help your business grow. Outsourcing your payroll to a Back Office Support service provider allows you to focus your energy and efforts on doing what you do best, and letting the payroll experts ensure that your payroll processing and remittance are done properly and on time.

Get Payroll Funding Through Matrix Labour Leasing in Calgary

Payroll funding can be a great resource for your company. If you are a small or medium sized business who needs to balance employee payroll with incoming payments, call the experts at Matrix Labour Leasing staffing agency in Calgary at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the contact form with any questions or for more information. Matrix is a Recruiting and Staffing Agency that offers full service solutions to businesses to build, grow, and manage an effective, skilled labour force. Matrix knows that small businesses can struggle with meeting payroll obligations particularly during periods of decreased revenues or cash flow uncertainty and Matrix is committed to making sure your business is complying with your jurisdictions employment laws regarding salary, while also making all necessary bill payments.


Q: What are the costs of payroll funding?
A: The costs are determined by the amount of funds that you apply for and the strength of your current credit score. With that in mind, our payroll funding is priced extremely competitively. Contact us today to learn more!

Q: What are the payment terms?
A: Our flexible repayment policy ranges from 15 to 60 day payment terms.

Q: What are the qualifications to apply for payroll funding?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing in Calgary requires approved credit and proof of good invoicing practices. 



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