About Us

Matrix is a trusted provider of staffing services specializing in recruitment and staffing, payroll administration and funding, and back-office facilitation with strategies like Employment of Record (EOR) for businesses across Canada, the US, and around the world. Based in Calgary, Alberta we have 21 years of history facilitating our client’s growth and success with over 5 million employment hours servicing a spectrum of industries.

As one of the most comprehensive staffing providers in the HR industry, our focus, international presence, scalability, and innovative strategies directly translate into our consistent performance in delivering high-quality service and positive staffing outcomes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

People First

Our mission is to create an employee-centric family culture. We aim to put PEOPLE FIRST with HR solutions that prioritize stable and flexible employment opportunities, fair, competitive wages, enhanced retirement and benefit packages, apprenticeship training, tuition refunds, and succession opportunities. We prioritize diverse, inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace environments.

The team at Matrix HR is committed to fostering a skilled and resilient workforce that exceeds our client’s needs and expectations with a focus on experience, technology, innovation, ethics, and scalability. By celebrating the efforts of our team and by respecting the diversity of our strengths we create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Looking Forward

Our vision is a global workplace where employers and employees have the resources they need to thrive and grow. Matrix HR strives to be the highest quality provider of a skilled, experienced, and resilient workforce for a spectrum of industries across Canada, North America, and around the globe. We aim to connect top talent and exceptional employers.

Our Mandate:

  • We Put People First
  • We Are Leaders In Our Industry And Our Communities
  • We Exist To Create Change
  • We Invest In Our Workforce So Everyone Succeeds
Our Values

Our Values

At Matrix HR we value our families, our team, our communities, and the opportunities we create together. As a business, we have built an infrastructure of Social Responsibility that drives everything we do. Our core company values are:

  • Diversity And Inclusion
  • Indigenous Relations
  • Community Alignment
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Safety And Health

We strive to uphold these values for our workforce and our clients and we promise to deliver. For over two decades, Matrix HR has consistently delivered on its mandate of bringing good people together to create great outcomes. Through this journey, Matrix has earned both recognitions and accreditations that speak to the organization’s capabilities, competency, and track record. This includes:

  • Alberta Venture’s Fast Growth 50 
  • Profit 500
  • Business in Calgary’s Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Energy Safety Canada COR Certified in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan
  • ISNetworld and Complyworks Certified and Compliant

How We Work

Solving your workforce challenges does not need to be expensive and complicated. The Matrix HR process to overcome obstacles to staffing and human resources is simple. The solutions are clear. Let us guide you to bolster your team with our easy, efficient strategies so you can focus on growth and profitability.

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Our assessment of your current workforce and human resources obligations and your goals for your business will help us identify skill and labour gaps, operational inefficiencies, and opportunities to fortify your team and streamline operations.

Partnership And Strategy

Partnership And Strategy

Your Matrix Team will finalize all service agreements and with our in depth market and industry insights, build a customized, comprehensive strategy to help you meet immediate and long-term workforce goals, payroll administration and funding challenges, and back office shortfalls.

How We Work


We will leverage our talent database, our proven temporary (temp-to-hire) and direct hire recruiting and staffing solutions, payroll management and financing options, Employer of Record (EOR) services, and more to fortify your team and bolster your operations.



Our commitment to the success of your business doesn’t end when we place a new hire with you. Our Managed Services model means that we are committed to continued engagement with your team to audit the fit of our placements, the efficacy of our HR strategies, and to be ready to mobilize again when you need us most.

Our Commitment, Recognized

Matrix strives to be the first-choice provider of skilled, experienced, and resilient workforce resources for industries across Canada, North America, and around the globe. We aim to connect top talent and exceptional employers. We prioritize training and education, safe and healthy workplaces, and respectful and responsible relationships. Because of the values we uphold, Matrix has earned extensive recognition and accreditations that speak to our capabilities, competency, and track record.

The Matrix Edge

Matrix is on the leading edge of staffing and HR solutions for industries worldwide. We deliver effective, comprehensive strategies tailored for your unique workforce challenges. When you choose to partner with Matrix to streamline labour and back office operations, you choose the Matrix advantage.

Let’s Work Together


Are you an employer seeking tailored, effective, affordable, and scalable staffing and back office workforce solutions?

Are you a job seeker looking for an opportunity to advance your skills, leverage your experience, and reach new career goals with your industry’s top employers?

Contact the expert recruiting and staffing solutions team at Matrix and let us help you connect with each other. We’ll take the next step together!


Our Valued Partnerships & Accreditations

We have cultivated meaningful partnerships across many industries throughout our global communities. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we actively seek out opportunities to engage with the communities in which we operate. This includes supporting local charities and nonprofit organizations, nurturing relations with our First Nations and Indigenous partners, and delivering thoughtful, considered staffing and HR solutions to businesses we serve.

Our Skilled Workforce And Employer Partners Say It Best

Two Solutions-Endless Possibilities

Matrix HR delivers effective and completely customized labour and human resources solutions for companies in numerous sectors across North America with two distinct blueprints to activate peak efficiencies. Learn more about how our proprietary strategies can connect you with your industry’s top talent and streamline your HR operations so that your company’s potential is optimized.


Matrix has the experience and expertise to build tailored and compelling staffing solutions for your organization across a spectrum of industries including Your customized solutions could include strategies for direct hire, temp-to-hire, hourly labour, and contract staffing to connect y

Managed Services

Choosing Matrix HR as your Managed Services partner is a powerful extension of your existing human resources team or a reliable and effective outsourced solution to support your operations. We provide expertise and guidance on a range of HR functions, from talent acquisition and performanc

Our Strategies Are Your Solution

Our Strategies Are Your Solution

Matrix HR is a trusted provider of staffing services for businesses across Canada, the US, and around the world. We specialize in recruitment and staffing, payroll administration and funding, and back-office facilitation with strategies like Employment of Record (EOR). To build a skilled and resilient workforce and streamline operations with effective HR solutions, connect with our team today.

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