How To Avoid Employment Scammers in the Construction Industry

April 15, 2015

The low oil prices have made for a tough and slow economy in Calgary. As if the job cuts weren’t hard enough to deal with, job seekers are now falling victim to opportunists that are promising employment prospects that in reality, don’t exist. At Matrix Labour Leasing, we want you to be aware of the recent scams that are trying to take advantage of job seekers.

Recently the news reported of a company named Daglo Oil & Gas Co who were promising and offering people jobs, at the cost of a fee. The scam essentially works by having job seekers pay for a variety of fees in advance of a hiring date. The company gets recruits to pay for work visas, travel expenses and other false administrative costs. Once paid, the jobs seekers discover that the company a hoax and that there is no employment of any kind.

We want all hard working job seekers to protect themselves and use caution with the following suggestions while looking for work with recruiters.

With or without a slow economy, be cautious and always research employment opportunities offered by recruiting companies. Our record speaks for itself at Matrix Labour Leasing, and we have been employing workers for a variety of industries in Calgary for over 12 years. To find out more about Matrix and what we do, contact us today on 403-201-9520.



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