2014 Alberta Provincial Mine Rescue Competition

This past Saturday, June 21st, was the 2014 Alberta Provincial Mine Rescue Competition, held in Spruce Grove. Hosted by the Alberta Mine Safety Association and Canadian Natural Resources Limited, the 34th annual competition brought together 10 mine rescue teams from various mines throughout Alberta.

Beginning bright and early at 7 a.m. with a shotgun start, the teams competed in a number of events throughout the day. The events included Fire Fighting, Smoke/Search, First Aid, Rope/Rescue and Main/Field. The competition also included the Spare Man event, which is where one team member is tested on a range of skills that the groups regularly train in.

Did you know… The first Albertan mine rescue teams were created as a result of the 1903 Frank Slide and the 1910 Bellevue Explosion. Then, in 1911, there were a number of rescue stations that popped up in each of the province’s mining districts.

At Matrix, we put the utmost importance on the safety and health of workers and staff. The Mine Rescue Competition is a great way to showcase and acknowledge the critical skills that these teams work so hard to learn.

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