3 Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Make A Huge Difference

We all know that staffing agencies play a vital role in helping companies recruit talent and since staffing agencies are compensated for their results instead of activity level (like corporate recruiters), they are very advantageous to work with.

Consider these additional reasons why staffing agencies make a difference:

  1. Quality Candidates: Staffing agencies maintain a large database of candidates: active employment seekers as well as passive employment seekers. Having access to both sides of the talent pool widens their scope of candidates and increases the overall quality level.
  2. Established Networks: Since staffing agencies maintain relationships with passive candidates, they have access to more information and additional sources, which can assist with quick and accurate placements.
  3. Knowledge: Staffing agencies become industry specialists and know which candidates to source for and which candidates the hiring manager wants. For instance, Matrix Labour Leasing is an expert on the construction jobs in Calgary and knows how to place employees accordingly.

Employees are the most valuable assets to a company and they should be chosen wisely. If your talent acquisition program doesn’t include staffing agency services, you could be missing out on top candidates.

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