3 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Process Is Too Slow

Are you looking to fill that vacant construction job? Hiring agencies can help you cut down hiring time significantly, without sacrificing quality.

Finding an employee to fill the vacant position in your company can be a challenging and tough process, but the benefits of making the right choice are immense. Working with a hiring agency can ensure you’ll find the right candidate for your job, who will:

  • enhance the productivity of your company
  • give you a good return on your investment
  • adapt quickly and effectively to your work environment
  • ensure a steady growth in your corporate life
  • be 100% committed to your company’s values and mission statement

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3 Reasons It Takes So Long To Recruit For and Fill Positions

Many companies today are finding that the time it takes to fill a position is longer than ever before. However, if employers want to recruit and keep the best talent, then it’s crucial that they learn how to streamline the hiring process and learn how to sell themselves to potential candidates.

Here are the top 3 factors which affect recruiting time and how to counteract them:

1. Fear of a Bad Hire

Making the wrong hiring choice can cost employers a lot of time and money, so it’s no wonder that businesses are wary of employing someone who may be unsuitable for the role. In fact, choosing the wrong candidate can have many negative consequences, including:

  • Higher cost of training
  • Loss of productivity
  • Significant disruption costs
  • Loss of customers
  • Missed business opportunities

Tips For Finding The Right Candidate

While a traditional resume may be necessary for anyone who is looking for a job, there are many other, non-traditional and more effective ways, of deciding whether or not someone is the right fit for your company.

Besides looking at a candidate’s resume, you may also want to consider:

  • Doing more than just asking questions at an interview. A mock exercise for example can help you determine if the candidate is the right ‘fit’ for your company.
  • Use the references and ask them the right questions (for example: how did the candidate interact with their co-workers? Were they messy or clean? Did they participate in the company culture?)
  • If possible, use a trial period.

Finding The Right Candidate

2. Lower-Quality Candidates

Research has shown that many job seekers tend to view their employability skills highly, but employers are finding that many entry-level job candidates lack the basic skills and knowledge to fill their open positions.

Despite the high unemployment rate, top candidates have a choice in where they work and are very particular about where they apply. This means that a big reason why you’re getting low quality candidates is because you aren’t tailoring your recruitment process to appeal to the more talented job seeker.

4 Reasons Why You’re Receiving Low Quality Applications

  • Your job posting is poorly written and doesn’t excite top job seekers.
  • You’ve made your application process a difficult and lengthy procedure.
  • You aren’t offering enough benefits or development opportunities.
  • Your hiring process is too slow.

Remember: A good candidate experience can help you build your employment brand and help you generate referrals, while a poor experience story may travel quickly online and keep future top candidates from considering you as an employer.

3. Longer Hiring Process

With the fear of a bad hire, the recruitment process is getting longer and longer, with individual candidates sometimes interviewing five or six times for just one job! This shift has resulted in an increase in candidate drop-off - and many high-quality candidates aren’t willing to wait if they receive other offers.

Working with a hiring agency can help you streamline your recruitment process by:

  • Quickly reviewing all incoming applications and filtering out those who don’t fit the job criteria.
  • Leveraging modern technology to help speed up the process (Learn about Matrix Connect >)
  • Using social media to attract more candidates.
  • Using their already established network of trustworthy, skilled, and engaging candidates to quickly fill your vacancy.
  • Using their market knowledge to help you keep up to date with any changes happening in your sector and help you with queries such as benchmark salaries.

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