3 Skills Recruiters Look for Irrespective of the Job

On the hunt for a new job? Not sure what skills recruiters or hiring managers are looking for? While there are certainly specific skills that are necessary for certain jobs, there are also universal skills that every recruiter is keeping their eye out for. Whether you classify them as soft skills, personal skills, professional skills, or employee skills, they're important. Here are the top three. 

The job hunt front is about to get a lot more difficult thanks to COVID-19. With the "Great Lockdown" as it's being coined shuttering businesses and throwing economies across the globe into a tailspin, there are suddenly a lot more people who are searching for work. The problem is, there aren't many jobs out there right now. However, once things return to some semblance of normal and job openings begin popping up, it'll be important to possess and highlight these three intangible skills as you put your best foot forward to potential employers. 

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Communication skills

This applies to both verbal and written. No matter what job you apply for, they often list a need for exceptional communication skills within the job listing. And for good reason. Almost every single job nowadays requires some level of competent communication. Having strong communication skills that focus on clarity and conciseness can elevate you over the competition, and recruiters are always on the hunt for people who possess this ability. Don't forget about the listening aspect of this skill too. Show potential employers you're engaged and actively listening during an interview by expanding upon points they bring up and asking follow-up questions. 

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Time management and organization skills

Being able to meet deadlines and juggle multiple priorities is pretty much applicable to every job and business. Recruiters want to see that you're efficient with your time and can be trusted to accomplish your tasks, without them breathing down your neck. One way you can show a Calgary labour staffing agency or recruiter that you possess this skill is by simply showing up for your interview on time. Or better yet, early. Then once you're at the interview, be sure to highlight times during your career when you successfully managed competing priorities or deadlines, going into depth about how your time management and organization skills allowed you to accomplish these feats. 

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Teamwork skills

Nothing happens in isolation anymore. Especially our jobs. Even during COVID-19. Showing that you can work well with others and develop positive working relationships with your colleagues is critical for any position. When talking with a potential employer, you'll also want to highlight your ability to delegate work and manage those under your purview in a positive manner. Try to think of times in the past when you and your colleagues came together and completed a difficult task, and what ended up happening because of your great teamwork.


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