3 Tips For Turning Your Temp Job Into a Full-Time Gig

Have you just landed a temporary job by working with a placement agency? Here are four simple ways to turn your temp job into a full-time one. 

Has your placement agency just helped you land a temporary job? These types of jobs can range from weeks to several months, and contrary to popular opinion, can offer job seekers numerous benefits. It offers greater flexibility, helps bolster your resume, allows you to build your skill-set and expertise, it can lead to a more permanent position, and it allows you to ‘test-drive’ the job before taking it up for the long-term.

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3 Ways to Turn Your Temp Job Into a Full-Time Gig

In today’s competitive job market, many employers want to take the time to find the perfect candidate for their vacant job. One way to do this is by offering temporary positions and using this to determine if the individual is a good fit for the company.

While some people shy away from temporary jobs because they are risky and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a permanent job, there are some things you can do to ensure your short-term position turns into a long-term one.

1. Make Yourself Indispensable

While this point may seem obvious, there are many temp-workers who don’t think about how being enthusiastic about their roles can improve their chances of being hired at the end of the contract date. What you should do is:

  • aim to tackle every task with commitment and enthusiasm
  • demonstrate your professional work ethic
  • use your existing skill set to bring innovation to the workplace
  • keep your eye out for tasks people hate doing and then offer to do them

Extra tip: Do work that will make your supervisor appreciate the fact that you are part of their team.

2. Exceed Expectations

As a temporary employee hoping to extend your contract, simply doing what is expected of you isn’t going to cut it. Once you’ve mastered your day-to-day responsibilities, make it a point to find some work that’s not necessarily in your job description, but that you’re comfortable tackling.

Remember, this is the time to over-perform and step up to show your team why they can’t afford to lose you.

3. Communicate Your Desire To Join the Organisation Full Time

While this may sound straightforward, many people forget to have this key conversation with their employer. If you jumped at the short-term job as a way to get your foot in the door to a more permanent position, then now is the time to speak up and sell yourself.

Here are some tips:

  • talk to your manager and let him/her know just how much you’re enjoying your work
  • don’t be afraid to talk directly about any potential long-term positions
  • ask what steps you’d need to take to get hired

REMEMBER: Clearing stating your desire to continue working with the company is essential and shouldn’t be neglected.

What if there is no long-term position?

Even if this is the case, take advantage of this one-on-one conversation. Ask for feedback on your performance, as well as what you could be doing better. Even go so far as to inquire whether there’s anything you can take off their plate because, the more indispensable you make yourself, the more likely your manager will make the effort to find money in the budget.

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