3 Ways Technology Helps You Attract & Retain Top Talent

Many companies view IT simply as a means to an end. But if you adjust your view of IT from a necessary cost to a long-term investment, you can enhance your staffing solutions and stand to recruit and retain leading talent. 

Working with a recruitment agency is a great staffing solution for both short and/or long-term construction jobs. A hiring agency can help interview, screen, and test applications and choose the best employee for your based on a list of skills and requirements you provide.

Working with a recruitment agency such as Matrix:

  • saves you money on health insurance and other benefits
  • ensures a more efficient hiring process
  • increases your productivity, especially during your busier seasons
  • brings new skills and innovations to your workplace

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How Technology Can Enhance Your Staffing Efforts

In today’s job market, it’s just as important for companies to make a good impression as it is for potential employees. These days, workers are looking for more from their jobs than just a good salary and are motivated by other factors such as company culture and the opportunity for professional development.

So how can you be sure you’re attracting and retaining the best talent?

Apart from working with the right hiring agency, investing in technology can enhance your staffing solutions and help you attract top-quality candidates and retain high performing employees.

With the right tech tools, you’ll be more likely to keep your staff engaged, motivated, and happy in their jobs.

Here are some of the ways to use technology to attract talent:

1. Use Social Media

Whether you recognize it or not, social media plays a huge role in your recruitment process, with your website, branding, and social channels helping you draw the right employees to your business.  

Consider this scenario: Before applying for a job, a potential employee will first check the company’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. This is because they want to make sure they’re a good fit for the company.

How you’re losing out: If your social media channels are outdated, poorly managed, or non-existent, you’ll reduce your chances of attracting top quality candidates.

Tip From Our Recruitment Agency: In the modern workforce, job hunters are as likely to use a smartphone or tablet to search and apply for jobs as they are to use a desktop computer, so mobility is very important.

What you need to do: HR needs to become digital to attract, retain, and engage talent in a digital world.


2. Use a Learning Management System

These days companies and recruitment agencies are embracing technology to automate their hiring, onboarding, and training processes by using sophisticated apps and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

With an effective onboarding system, you can:

  • reduce staff turnover rates
  • increase employee engagement
  • allow new hires to reach their full productivity in a quick & efficient manner

Tip from our hiring agency: When choosing an LMS, make sure the technology is easy to use, accessible, flexible, and mobile. It should be relevant, up-to-date, and engaging for users.

Attracting Quality Workers


3. Invest in Up-to-Date Technological Devices

While staff turnover is inevitable, it’s important to try and reduce that figure by building and maintaining a positive work culture. By showing a willingness to invest in technology for employee development, you’re demonstrating a willingness to invest in the future of your employees.

REMEMBER: In today’s world, having up to date and relevant technology solutions is really important to staff. Individuals value this kind of investment and are more likely to perform well and remain loyal to your organization.


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