4 Benefits Of Hiring Through Staffing Agencies

4 Benefits Of Hiring Through Staffing Agencies

Are you having difficulties finding applicants to fill a much-needed position? Are your new employees not performing up to your expectations? Perhaps your in-house hiring practices are missing the mark. Perhaps it is time to enlist a staffing agency (or temp agency) to do the recruiting for you.

As placement experts, staffing agencies have long figured out the secrets behind locating and attracting talent that sticks. The quality and commitment of the workers recruited by staffing agencies can have a surprising impact on your bottom line. Ensuring a steady stream of qualified workers and reducing turnover rates are just a few benefits offered by staffing agencies. These organizations can also save you time and grow your network.

Partnering with Matrix Labour Leasing allows you to enjoy all the benefits of working with a reputable temp agency. Having generated over $100 million dollars in profit for industrial companies all over Western Canada, we are one of the few recruiters in the region that specialize in hiring skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen. Whether you are looking for temp-to-hire or direct-hire staffing solutions in the construction, manufacturing, or oil & gas industries, Matrix Labour Leasing will find the best hire for your team.

Why You Should Hire Your Next Team Member Through A Staffing Agency 

Reasons for engaging a staffing agency to find and hire your next team member are numerous. Here are the 4 most common reasons why companies of all stripes call on staffing agencies to augment their workforce:

Unmatched expertise in your field: A good staffing agency understands the work your company does just as well as you do. And just like you, it is on top of all the latest trends and technological advancements in your sector. 

This gives the staffing agency a distinct edge over the typical HR department, which often does not have the time or resources to master the sector. How many times has HR screened the wrong candidate because it did not fully understand what the position entails? With an industry-specific staffing agency by your side, only candidates that check all your boxes will be considered for your business. 

Increased employee retention: An experienced staffing agency can increase your employee retention in 3 ways. 

First, thanks to its deep knowledge of the field, it knows which candidates are the most qualified for your positions. By offering you only the most skilled workers, the chances that your new hires do not make it past the probationary period are significantly reduced. 

Second, a staffing agency pays close attention to your company culture and places candidates sure to buy in.

Third, a staffing agency can assist in your training and onboarding processes, making the first few weeks of the new hire that much more beneficial. A strong transition period can equip the entrant with all the tools they will need to succeed and grow in your company. 

Saves time: Would it not be liberating to delegate all your staffing needs to a third party so that your company can devote its energy elsewhere? A staffing agency allows you to do exactly that. While the agency works full-time to find you that unicorn and get the paperwork done, you can spend your time improving your corporate workflows and seeking lucrative contracts. 

An effective staffing agency can be so efficient in finding qualified candidates and ensuring their retention that you will save money on inefficient hiring processes and failed hires.

Larger network: Having access to a staffing agency is also having access to their large network of qualified candidates一both active and passive. Not only can a staffing agency invoke its network to speed up recruitment, it can also serve as a bridge between your company and the major players in your field. Making your company more connected can lead to more opportunities in the future. 

Maximize Your Revenue

While a staffing agency can aid your company in multiple ways, all its contributions lead to one outcome一more revenue. The benefits of finding you the most skilled workers, helping you retain them, and saving you time easily offsets the costs of contracting a staffing agency. Many companies have realized this, which is why the largest recruiters in North America are themselves some of the largest businesses. 

If your in-house recruiting processes have not been meeting your expectations, consider delegating the search to an industry-specific staffing agency. 

A staffing agency often outperforms your average HR department when it comes to recognizing, attracting, and retaining top-level talent. Moreover, it completes its search without taking up your company’s time or resources, freeing time for you to focus on more pressing tasks.  

Matrix Labour Canada is Western Canada’s best choice for recruiting and placing skilled trades workers. Our placements have logged more than 4,000,000 hours and generated over $100 million in revenues for Canadian companies in the construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas sectors. If you are looking for a proven temp-to-hire worker or direct-hire operative for your company, call us at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the online contact form


Q: Does Matrix Labour Leasing only specialize in construction staffing?
A: No, we also specialize in hiring candidates for hospitality positions across Canada. Take a look at our job posting board to view our open positions. 

Q: Do staffing agencies charge the employee or the employer for their services?
A: Staffing solutions are paid for by the employer seeking a new candidate for an open position in their company. The employee applying for the position does not pay any costs. 

Q: Do staffing agencies interview candidates?
A: Yes. Staffing agencies do screen candidates ahead of time for you. Only candidates who pass the initial screening will be presented to the employer. Of course, the employer can choose to participate in the screening process as well.

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