4 Hiring Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Poor staffing decisions can result in bad hires, which will negatively impact the productivity and success of your business. Here are the top 4 tips from our Calgary temp agency on which hiring mistakes you should avoid during the recruitment process. 

Filling a vacant job position in your company can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but the benefits that come from doing the recruitment process correctly and finding the right employee are huge. 

Working with a professional Calgary temp agency to find the right candidate for your vacancy will ensure you find someone who will: 

  • Adapt quickly and effectively to the work environment
  • Display commitment to your company’s values 
  • Improve the productivity within your organization 
  • Bring innovative ideas to the workspace 
  • Give you a good return on your investment 

Our Calgary Temp Agency Helps You Find The Right Candidate For Your Vacant Job

Matrix Labor Leasing is one of Calgary’s leading temp agencies. We have the extensive network, experience, and knowledge, to help you find, interview, and screen potential employees so you can find the right candidate based on your specific needs. 

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4 Hiring Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs 

Staffing decisions that are made hastily and which result in a bad hire will drain your company’s time, training resources, money, and morale, while the right choice will help you develop a strong, healthy, and productive business. 

To ensure the continuing success of your company, here are 4 hiring mistakes you should avoid at all costs: 

  1. Keeping Your Job Description Too Vague

By failing to write an accurate description of the job vacancy you have, you may mislead several candidates and encourage many people to apply for the position, even if they don’t fit the brief. To avoid this, make sure you have: 

  • A detailed job description
  • The specific benefits you’ll offer
  • The specific qualifications required for the position 
  • A written policy 

Remember, by being honest with potential candidates, you’ll foster a healthy environment of trust and save you and the potential candidates time and frustration. 

  1. Neglecting to Pre-Screen Candidates

A simple and short pre-screening can save you hours of your organization’s time. Pre-screening is a must for recruiting and hiring the best candidates because, during this process, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Assess the candidate’s compatibility with your company culture
  • Determine if the requested salary is out of your league 
  • Discover whether the person has the required experience and knowledge
  • Filter out candidates who may pose a hazard to your company 

Background Checks Are Important 

When you believe you’ve found the right candidate for your job vacancy, you may be tempted to skip a background check - but make sure you don’t! This step is essential for building an in-depth understanding of how this person will perform and it will assure you that your valuable company resources, such as finances and client relationships, will not be jeopardized. 


  1. Ignoring The Importance of Your Company Culture 

Although it is key to assess whether or not the potential candidate has the right skills and knowledge for the job, this is not all that matters. During the interview process, make sure to find a person who is suitable for your company and try to determine if they fit your company culture. 

The Reputation and Productivity of Your Company is at Stake

The way in which your employees interact with each other and your customers will determine the productivity and reputation of your business. That’s why assessing a potential candidate’s values and work style is essential. 

  1. Failing to Prepare Interviewers Properly

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization and proper training will equip your staffing managers with the knowledge and tools they need to select highly talented, committed, and dedicated employees. Preparing interviewers beforehand will ensure that they: 

  • Can properly assess each individual’s credentials
  • Will be able to quickly assess all incoming applications and filter out those who don’t meet the criteria
  • Will have the knowledge to identify who is the best fit for the position and for your company 

Don’t Have Time to Train a Hiring Manager? Work With a Temp Agency

Opting to work with a temp agency to fill your vacant job positions will ensure that the individuals performing the hiring duties will truly understand how a potential employee’s work style and personality could enhance or upset your current team dynamic, and will help you find a highly talented individual who is the perfect fit for your job. 

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