4 Reasons You Should Work With a Recruiting Agency For Your Hiring Needs

Are you considering using a Calgary recruitment agency to fill your vacant job position? Here are 4 benefits of working with such professionals to find top talent for your company.

Working with a reputable and well established recruiting agency is an excellent staffing solution for both your short and long term hiring needs. Such a team can help you interview, screen, and test potential candidates to help you select the best person for your vacant job, based on a list of skills and requirements you provide.

Some of the great advantages of working with a recruiting agency include:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • A faster and more efficient hiring process
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Ability to attract top talent
  • Brings new skills and innovation to your company

Our Calgary Recruiting Agency Helps You Find The Top Talent You Need

At Matrix, one of Calgary’s leading recruiting agencies, we know that finding the best candidates for your vacant position can be challenging. With our knowledge and extensive networks, we can help you recruit, mobilize, and manage top talent and skilled labor to keep your company one step ahead of your competition.

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4 Benefits of Using a Recruiting Agency

Most people understand that the basic purpose of a recruiting agency is to help job seekers find new roles, while helping business owners find top talent for their open positions. However, there are many other benefits that come with working with this type of agency.

Partnering with a recruiting agency can be highly beneficial not only to your hiring managers, but to your company as a whole.

Here are some benefits you can expect:

1. Your Hiring Process Will Be Faster

By using a recruitment agency, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to fill an open position. They can locate a candidate with the skills you are looking for because they have:

  • A vast talent pool in their database
  • A network of connections to leverage
  • The resources to locate individuals with the specific skills you need

This means that the individuals such agencies will present to you are those that already fit the criteria of your job, greatly reducing the time it will take to find the perfect candidate.

2. You’ll Have Access to Top Talent

Working with a recruitment agency increases your chances of meeting with high quality candidates. Such a company has access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced individuals, which means that you will only meet with candidates who have already been interviewed and carefully assessed.

A recruitment agency deals with potential employees on a daily basis and are experts in interviewing. Through best practice methods, Matrix understands both your requirements, and the needs of the candidate, to make a great and long lasting match.

3. You’ll Enjoy Extended Reach

Often, the best candidates will not actively be looking for a new job and will take a little longer to find. Recruiters know who such individuals are, how to reach them, and most importantly, how to incentivize them to make a move - another great benefit to working with a recruitment agency.

4. You’ll Gain Knowledge of the Market

Recruiters are constantly providing staffing solutions for a wide range of clients and candidates, and as such, they gain significant expertise and job market insights. This means they’ll be able to provide you with valuable insight and you can gain access to their knowledge of:

  • Salary rates
  • Career expectations
  • Current hiring complexities
  • Available skill sets

You’ll even be able to learn about the latest market trends that you may otherwise never have known about.

Finding The Perfect Candidate: This is What We Do!

At Matrix, we are committed to helping you fill your job vacancy as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. By writing compelling job ads, we maximize the number of people who apply, and then effectively screen candidates to find the strongest ones early in the process.

Day in and day out, we will work to meet all your hiring needs and help you find the top talent that you need to take your company to new heights.

To find out more about how we can help you fill your job vacancies with the most skilled talent, visit us at Suite 204, 11420 27th Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2Z 3R6.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 1-866-666-9520 or fill in our online contact form.

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