4 Things All Recruiters Watch Out For

Are you looking for your dream job? Here are the top 4 qualities all recruiters are looking for. 

A hiring agency, also known as a recruitment agency, is an organisation that assists in the different stages of the hiring process. Their services can be used by individuals who are looking for work, or by companies who are seeking top talent to fill vacant positions.

For job seekers, working with a hiring agency can have many benefits, including:

  • faster job placement
  • skill enhancement
  • CV feedback and interview preparation
  • access to the agency’s vast network

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4 Qualities Recruiters Look For in Candidates

If you’re looking for a job in today’s job market, you know just how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. Unlike the past, today’s job seekers must show more than just the required qualifications in order to land their dream career.

To help make the search a little easier, here are some of the top qualities that make the biggest impression on recruiters:

1. You Show Commitment To The Future

Recruiters are looking to hire individuals who are invested in their company, and who will make contributions to their organization in the long run, whether this is through taking up senior positions or bringing diverse skill sets to the workplace.

One way to demonstrate your commitment: One of the best ways to show recruiters that you are preparing for the future is by continuing your education, be this through workshops or online classes. This will demonstrate your passion and dedication to ongoing learning.

2. You Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

While technical skills and experience are definitely important qualities to look for in a job candidate, recruiters want MORE. They want to see that you have the skills to be a leader, especially if you’re vying for more senior positions, including:

  • verbal and oral communication skills
  • teamwork skills
  • trustworthiness
  • creativity
  • the ability to take responsibility

Demonstrating that you have some or all of the above skills will be a good signal to the recruiter that you’ll be able to create a vision for your team and inspire others to work towards it with you, for the benefit of the company.

3. You’re Enthusiastic

One thing to remember when looking for a job is that while skills can always be learned, passion cannot. Therefore, enthusiasm for the company and position you’re vying for will certainly catch the recruiter’s attention.

How to demonstrate passion: Before you go for the interview, do your homework. Read up on the company’s mission and then communicate your desire to help them achieve it.

4. You Share the Company’s Values

When it comes to hiring, one factor that is very important to recruiters is whether or not you’ll be a good cultural fit for the job. During your interview, you’ll likely be asked questions to determine whether or not your values align with the company culture. These questions can make or break your chance of getting an offer.

To improve your chances of getting the job, you should research the company’s culture, value, and mission beforehand and try to give examples of how you would work well within the organization’s environment.

In addition, always:

  • arrive on time to the interview
  • look presentable
  • be engaged
  • follow up with the recruiter to thank them for the time and opportunity

Remember to treat your interviewer in a professional and respectful manner but above all else, be honest and be yourself.

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