4 Ways To Improve Productivity On A Construction Site

One of the major setbacks for any construction project is a loss of productivity that results in delays and loss of funds. That is why, as an employer, you require staffing solutions that are efficient, safe and quick - and productive employees who can maintain the highest standards of work.

Our blue collar staffing solutions help increase the productivity on your worksite, leading to benefits such as:

  • Faster project completion
  • Lower project costs
  • More profitable projects
  • The contractor is able to offer increased value for the offer given

If you are a contractor looking to increase the productivity on the construction site, here are 4 ways you can avoid delays, deal with problem areas and complete your project in a timely fashion:

1. Hire a Dependable Foreman

Finding a foreman who is reliable and trustworthy is absolutely essential to the success of any construction project.  Like with any job, you need a manager on site to ensure that the work is progressing on schedule, can offer help if it’s needed and promote an efficient work environment.

Our Calgary temp agency is a leader in staffing solutions and labor placement. We can help find the right candidate for the job with our business orientated social networking site, Matrix Labor Connect.

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2. Training


Hiring a crew that is properly trained can increase both the quality of work and productivity on the construction site.

At Matrix, we ensure that our staff is trained in all the relevant safety procedures and offer a variety of on-site safety training courses as well a partial tuition reimbursement program through the Merit Contractors Association.

That means, when you choose to work with our temp agency, you know your crew will always do the job correctly, effectively cutting back on construction time and saving you money in the long term.

3. Proper Planning

While there will be days where weather and other external factors beyond your control compromise your crew’s ability to work, a large portion of waiting time on the construction site is due to poor planning.

Creating a proper plan includes:

  • Organization: This involves organizing the construction work into manageable departments and delegating specific tasks to individuals.
  • Staffing: This is the provision of the right people to each section/department. Matrix Labor Connect is a great staffing solution, helping find the perfect match between employers and employees. (Register today)
  • Supervision:  Directing and guiding your crew to carry out assigned tasks and motivating your team to achieve the desired results.
  • Safety: Safety planning is a crucial part of any construction project and involves identifying potential hazards, developing safety procedures and implementing corrective actions to prevent any injuries. (See: 8 Things To Help You Stay Safe On The Construction Site)

Proper planning and scheduling of construction activities will help your crew complete the project on time and within budget.

4. Incentives

Offering competitive wages and employee benefits for your crew is a great way to improve construction job productivity. You may even want to consider giving a bonus upon completion or sale of property as a way of motivating your staff.

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