4 Ways to Minimise Fall Risks on Construction Sites

Working on a construction site can be dangerous and workers are especially prone to falls from great heights. Here are the top safety tips from our Calgary temp agency for preventing injuries on your site this autumn. 

People who work on construction sites often need to use large machinery and tools, must work at a height, and are often in environments where hazardous materials are present.

Because of the nature of this work, construction workers are often in danger of:

  • falling from great heights
  • being injured by a moving object
  • increased risk of deafness from loud, repetitive, and excessive noise
  • developing fatal and serious diseases due to exposure to asbestos and other harmful materials

Matrix Helps Promote Safety on Construction Sites

At Matrix, one of Calgary’s leading temp agencies, we are committed to promoting safety on construction sites and protecting workers from the dangers of such work. We partner with various businesses to eliminate unsafe practices that can not only lead to loss of profits but also seriously harm your employees.

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4 Safety Tips For Preventing Falls on Calgary Construction Sites

Falls are a major concern on construction sites, which is why it’s crucial to have safety measures in place to protect your workers. Whether it’s repairing a roof, building a new home, or constructing a skyscraper, there are many ways in which your employees can become injured.

Here are 4 simple fall safety tips from our Calgary temp agency to lower your workers’ risk of injury:

1. Be Extra Safe When Using a Ladder

One of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on construction sites are ladders and so you must make sure that all your ladders are safe and up to code. Falls from ladders are all too common but can be prevented with proper inspection and safety practices.

Ensure that the following safety precautions are taken when using a ladder:

  • Inspect them for any cracked, broken, or defective parts prior to each use.
  • Safely position portable ladders so the side rails extend at least three feet above the landing.
  • When carrying tools up a ladder, make sure they are carried in a belt or consider raising them with a rope.
  • NEVER use the top three rungs or top two steps of a ladder.
  • ALWAYS have another employee on the ground who can monitor the ladder and worker.

Additional Tip: ALWAYS make sure your workers are wearing hard hats, protective eyeglasses, safety-toed footwear, and gloves at all times while on the job.


2. Create a Safe Work Space

Before any work begins on your construction site, a full fall prevention and safety plan must be implemented. Almost all sites have unprotected openings, sides and edges, or floor holes at some point during construction and if your workers are not trained in safety and these openings aren’t protected, injuries from falls or falling objects can result.

Whenever your workers are exposed to a fall of six feet or more above a lower level, make sure to use at least one of the following:

  • guardrail systems
  • safety net systems
  • fall arrest systems

By ensuring you have a safe workspace, you can mitigate any of the consequences that result from a fall such as an injury, loss of productivity, higher costs, and even death.


3. Train Your Employees

One of the best ways to prevent falls and injuries on your construction site is by training your employees on how to properly use their tools, equipment, and machinery. In addition, you must train them on the safety requirements and procedures included in your safety plan.


  • Audio and visual presentations can be given to educating your workers on the importance of fall protection and procedures.
  • Weekly meetings with your staff should be scheduled to discuss any safety issues and concerns.
  • Regular training workshops can keep you and your staff updated on all the latest safety measures, creating a safe workspace.


4. Clean Up Your Site Daily

One thing that often gets overlooked is the cleaning up of a construction site but remember: a clean space is a safe space. Cleaning should be an integral duty of your workers and management team.

TIP: Work areas should be cleaned and hazard-free at all times and you should schedule a clean-up of the entire site at the end of each day.


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