5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

Think going to college or university is the only route towards a prosperous and successful career? Think again, because the skilled trades can offer both and have you earning money even sooner. 

A lot of people think going to college or university is what young adults who are serious about getting a stable career should do. But in recent years, university graduates with fancy degrees but little to no real-world skills or experience are finding it extremely difficult to land that all-important first job. Many of them are even going back to technical schools or enrolling in other programs after having the door slammed shut on them so often. 

Meanwhile, their counterparts in the skilled trades are humming right along. Demand for these workers is at an all-time high, and most who are currently working have been making money while their college and university friends are still deciding their majors. In our article this week, we'll look at the five best reasons why you should consider joining these in-demand tradespeople and pursue a career in the skilled trades.

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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

From great wages and career advancement opportunities to lower educational costs and a huge need for their services, there are a lot of compelling reasons to consider a career in the skilled trades. Here are the top five. 

1. You get put right to work and earn experience immediately: Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of the skilled trades. This means you get put to work learning valuable skills right away, gaining important experience as you go. The same can't be said for college or university students. Workers in skilled trades can receive certifications they can use to progress their career almost immediately after starting. And as they're learning and improving their skills, they're also getting paid. 

2. Education costs a lot less: You can expect to pay a lot less for your education at a trade school than a college or university student pays. Since you've already been working for a bit before you pursue higher certifications, and you know you enjoy the trade you're in, you will have more financial flexibility and a lower debt burden once you complete your studies. And you won't have to worry whether you'll enjoy the work or career as most college or university students do. 

3. You'll make good money: Skilled tradespeople take home nice paycheques, usually right off the bat. As their skills improve and they receive higher or advanced certifications, the money they can demand only grows. Throw in overtime premiums for remote or camp-based work, and it's not uncommon for skilled tradespeople to be making well north of six figures a year. 


4. There's a massive need for skilled tradespeople: The number of plumbing, electrician, and carpenter jobs available is only expected to rise as the baby boomer generation continues to retire in droves. That means there's an amazing opportunity for Millenials and Gen Zers to fill their work boots. In addition to the continuous job openings and career advancement opportunities, the skilled trades are in no danger of being replaced by robots or AI. Job security is expected to stay strong for decades. 

5. You're able to do what you're good at: Unlike college graduates, who often receive a degree in one field but end up working the rest of their life in an entirely unrelated one, skilled tradespeople get to do what they're good at for the rest of their career. This means the training and education you received will always be applicable and it will continue to open up new opportunities for you. 

The Skilled Trades Are a Solid Career Choice

While you may receive pressure from your family, friends, and teachers to head off to college or university, hopefully, you can use the points in this article to show them there's another option out there for people like you who love to work with their hands and learn real skills. 

And if you are looking to get started in the trades with a short-term labor job in Calgary, then please be sure to contact us today so we can help get you placed with an employer who will grow your skills and provide you with invaluable experience.

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Q: What is the most in-demand trade in Canada?

Exact figures are tough to come by, but electricians are generally the most in-demand tradespeople in Canada, given the variety of jobs they can complete.

Q: What is the hardest trade?

With respect to the most physically demanding trades, roofers and demolition laborers top the list. 

Q: What is the easiest trade to get into? 

Some of the easiest trades to get into include electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, and carpentry.

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