5 Benefits of Job Hunting with a Labour Placement Agency

Wondering how you can benefit from using a labour placement agency to help with your job hunt? From accessing the hidden job market to doing the hunting for you, labour placement agencies can be a huge help when it comes to landing your dream job. 

COVID has thrown the global economy into a major tailspin. And while things are starting to recover as restrictions ease up, the job market has been inundated with newly unemployed people who have been caught up in the economic maelstrom. In the extremely competitive job market that is expected to persist for the foreseeable future, using a labour placement agency could be a solid strategy to separate yourself from the masses. 

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5 Benefits of Job Hunting with a Labour Placement Agency

Hunting for a job can be an extremely stressful situation. If you're one of the thousands of people who has recently lost their job due to COVID-19, you might be wondering how much longer you can stay afloat once the government subsidies dry up. This only makes your job hunt even more stressful. But by utilizing a staffing or labour placement agency in Calgary to help with your search, you can help make yourself stand out and even access jobs that are never advertised. Without further delay, here are the top five benefits you can expect to see when you use a staffing solutions agency to help land your dream job.

1. The Labour Placement Agency Does the Searching for You

It can be disheartening to go through advertised jobs day after day trying to find one that accurately fits your skillset and work experience. Job boards are not the best at narrowing down the updates they send to you in order to make the current postings as relevant as possible. But a labour placement or staffing agency in Calgary is. Your job hunt liaison will comb through all the current openings and create a tailored list for you. Once you've selected the jobs you're interested in from the list, they'll handle the application process, allowing you to focus all your energy on nailing the upcoming interview.

2. Labour Placement Agencies Have Access to Jobs That Aren't Advertised

A labour placement or labour staffing agency in Calgary will have access to a large database of jobs that are available. Including ones that aren't even advertised. The hidden job market is real folks and it can be your saving grace in times of great economic upheaval like we're going through right now due to COVID-19. Using their cultivated industry connections, a labour placement agency will always have employers in mind when they finish reviewing a candidate's file. Most of the time, those employers don't ever have any jobs advertised on boards like Indeed. They just trust the agency to help them fill their staffing needs because they've done a great job of doing so in the past. 

Looking for labour placement Calgary? Perhaps construction jobs or short term labour ones? At Matrix Labour Leasing we have the connections to kickstart your career and can place you with an employer who will advance your professional development. Contact us today to find out more. 


3. It Doesn't Cost You Anything

Using a labour placement agency to assist with your job hunt won't cost you a penny. Or at least it shouldn't. If a recruitment or staffing agency asks you to put any money down to access their services, then that's a sign they aren't an ethical operation and you should turn on your heel and hightail it out of there. Labour placement agencies are paid by the companies who they place candidates with. Period.

4. You Can Take the Job for a 'Test Drive'

A lot of labour placement agencies or staffing firms in Calgary will offer successful candidates either a temporary or temporary-to-hire employment arrangement so they may try the job and get a feel for the employer before they commit to working for them full time. This allows you to evaluate how you fit in the corporate or workplace culture at the company and lets you assess how well your skills align with the position. 


5. You'll Receive Valuable Feedback

When you're not gaining any traction with your job application efforts and potential employers aren't even responding to your enquiries, it can be tough to know whether you're doing the right things. A labour placement agency will give you the valuable feedback you need to either tweak your resume or nail the next interview, so you can get that contract offer you've been dreaming of. 

With the difficult job market brought upon by COVID, those searching for gainful employment have to take every step they can to increase their odds of landing a steady position that aligns with their skills and work experience. By utilizing a labour placement agency to help with those efforts, you're sure to see better results than if you were to go at it alone. 

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