5 Employer Tips When Working With A Staffing Agency

Hiring new employees is hard. It is time-consuming and expensive, and these costs only increase if you make a bad hire. 

That is why many companies, no matter how big or small, enlist the services of a staffing agency to help manage the recruitment process. An experienced staffing agency will identify your hiring needs, search for skilled and qualified candidates, and assuage your stress by giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your business. 

Many staffing agencies exist, but it is important that you work with one qualified to fulfil your hiring goals and needs. The most valuable staffing agencies are proactive at finding you skilled candidates and will be there to serve you as a long-term partner for recruitment and hiring.

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Staffing Solutions For Your Business

For a company to grow and thrive, it must have a team of skilled employees. With a lack of qualified candidates at their disposal, businesses are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with demand and their competition. Hiring an HR team can be expensive, and not many businesses have the resources to sustain a working human resource department. 

Bringing in a new employee on your payroll can be risky and expensive. If the new hire does not work out, the turnover can cost you even more. Do not rush into hiring decisions; use a staffing agency that already has the skilled candidates on deck, ready to work.

If you are an employer looking to grow your workforce with the industry's top labourers, Matrix Labour Leasing can help you find the best talent through a streamlined recruiting process. We are committed to matching our clients with the most qualified candidates in their positions.

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5 Employer Tips When Working With A Staffing Agency

Establish And Communicate Your Needs

Make sure you have clearly identified what qualities and skills you are looking for in a new hire and communicate these requirements and the timetable to your staffing agency. It might also be a good idea to explain the culture and personality of your company so the staffing agency can know which candidates would thrive in your organization. 

Your staffing agency can also provide you with valuable advice on whether your company would best benefit from part-time, temporary, or full-time positions. Identifying the right staffing solution can lower your costs while retaining productivity. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process

More often than not, your job postings will not be attracting the most qualified candidates. The best staffing agencies have a broad network to fall back on. They will also save you time discarding unqualified candidates from piles of resumes and by handling the most time-consuming hiring processes, such as interviewing, reference checks, and skills testing.

Establish A Follow-Up

The relationship between you and your staffing agency should not end once they find you a qualified new hire. Update the agency on the progress of the new hire and continue to inform them if any requirements change. Maintaining feedback to the staffing agency will allow them to find new solutions if the new hire is not meeting expectations. This will also give them a better understanding of how to better serve you in the future.

Make Sure The Position Is Ready To Be Filled

Many people do not realize how fast a staffing agency can work at finding you a skilled new hire. They can find you a qualified candidate in a matter of weeks and even days. 

Do not engage with a staffing agency if you do not have your ducks all in a row, as this will waste both your time and money as well as the time the staffing agency spent finding you the candidate. Also, keep in mind that the pool of candidates today may not remain the same in the future. The best candidates will not wait for you. Get your house in order and enlist a staffing agency to snag them before they join a rival firm. 

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Let the staffing agency know if your new hire is not working out. This will allow them to find you a replacement right away. 

Honesty is the best policy when talking to recruiters. Do not be worried about hurting their feelings if you feel the candidate is lacking certain skills. 

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Recruitment has gotten much more difficult over the last few years. Technological advancements and new platforms such as LinkedIn have made it more difficult to find honest, qualified candidates. The hiring process is also becoming longer and requires more specialized knowledge than ever. It is not something in-house recruiters can handle on their own anymore. Thankfully, staffing agencies exist to help you cut down your costs and save you significant amounts of time.

Matrix Labour Leasing specializes in construction staffing and short-term labour placement, helping our clients attract the best-skilled workers for their company. We also help those in search of construction jobs, such as carpenters and plumbers, find positions in companies they can grow in.

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Do you only specialize in construction staffing?
No, we also specialize in hiring candidates for hospitality positions across Canada. Take a look at our job posting board to view our open positions.

Do you charge the employee or the employer for your staffing services?
Our staffing solutions are paid for by the employer seeking a new candidate for an open position in their company. The employee applying for the position does not pay any costs. 

Can engaging with a staffing agency save me money?
Yes, because you will be wasting any of your resources finding a qualified candidate. Staffing agencies deal with all aspects of the hiring process so you do not have to.



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