5 Reasons to Work with a Recruiting Agency

Job hunting is never easy but when you work with a recruiting agency, you can land yourself your dream job and get a higher salary! Here are the benefits of working with a temp agency vs applying directly. 

Looking for a job is never easy but one of the best things you can do is research, network, and look out for new opportunities. To make the search easier, you can work with a recruiting agency.

Such a company can:

  • edit and optimize your CV
  • match you to a job that perfectly suits your preferences and credentials
  • help you prepare for interviews
  • ensure quicker job placement

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At Matrix, a leading recruiting agency in Calgary, we are committed to placing our employees at great companies and in a job where you’ll succeed and advance your career and skills to the next level.

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How Do Recruiting Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies work by looking for suitable candidates for vacant positions with one or more companies. In order to ensure the perfect match between a candidate’s profile and the job description, they will:

  • plan an interview with the candidate
  • screen his/her resume
  • discuss the skills and needs of the candidate
  • review any other relevant candidate information

In addition to this, recruitment agencies can help you prepare for your interview, help you tailor your CV for the job, and follow-up on the application process to make the experience as stress-free and easy as possible.


Top Benefits of Using a Recruiting Agency vs Applying Directly

In such a competitive job market, finding and landing a great job is never easy. However, working with a recruitment agency can significantly improve your chances and ensure that you have a chance to build your career and skills quickly.

Here are 5 reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency instead of applying directly:

  1. They have inside knowledge of the companies who are hiring. Because recruitment agencies work with HR, managers, and candidates coming from multiple companies in the market, they can give you insight into a company’s culture and into the job you are applying for.

  2. They can help you prepare for the interview. Every company has a different interview format and style and unless you’ve interviewed with them previously, you won’t know what to expect. Agencies who have worked with these companies, on the other hand, know exactly how to prepare candidates for the first to the final interview round.

  3. They keep you updated on the interview process. The interview process can be nerve-racking but a well-networked recruitment agency can and will follow up with the decision maker to get you an update and/or feedback.

  4. A recruitment agency will give you a competitive edge. A good recruitment agency will help you format your CV to industry standard and help you focus or reformat your skillset according to the role you’re applying for. They can coach and help you attain your career goals.

  5. A recruitment agency will help you negotiate a salary. An agency will know what the company can afford, they know what applicants with similar skill-sets are earning, and what other companies are paying their employees, making the salary negotiation much easier and smoother.


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