5 Tips For A Successful Job Search In Construction

With a lot of construction work to be completed in Calgary and not enough skilled professionals to execute the tasks needed to complete projects, the industry is left with a talent gap needing to be filled. 

The construction industry offers many opportunities to advance your career and take on new and challenging roles for your skillset. Choosing the right construction employer goes a long way in helping you achieve your career goals within the construction industry.

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Launch Your Career In The Construction Industry

Some construction employers maintain detailed career advancement and training programs while others only promote whoever is available when the next position opens up. The best jobs to be taken on will be based on your goals, availability, and whether you are a suitable candidate or not. You will need an employer who will be invested in your success and who offers the career path you are looking for. 

If you cultivate good work habits, such as being a team player and being the first to take on new challenges, you will be putting yourself on track to advance into the career you’ve worked so hard for. 
While it's important to have the technical skills in your area of expertise, there are a number of soft skills that are essential no matter where or how long you’ve worked in the construction industry. The career progression in this profession is not always set as you’ll have many options to consider and many routes you can take. 

5 Tips For A Successful Job Search In The Construction Industry

Get To Know Yourself

Before you begin looking for jobs in the construction industry, you must first ask yourself what your goals are and what kind of work you’re interested in. Do you prefer more hands-on roles that put you in the midst of all the action? Or do you prefer a management position working in the background?

Consider your personal life as well. For example, ask yourself if you need flexible hours, if you have a family, or if you want a job in a specific city. Your job must fit your needs and lifestyle so that you can enjoy coming to work every day and be successful at what you do.

Understand Your Career Path

Every career path in the construction industry is different. If you start on the craft worker path with the goal of reaching a management position, you may hit a ceiling; you will require significant retraining for advancement. You may be limiting yourself from advancing by choosing a narrow career path from the start.

Never Stop Learning

So many professionals with incredible talent understand that they do not know everything. They ask questions and are always looking to advance their skills to become the best at what they do. 

Many aspects of the construction industry are always changing. New tools and technology are being invented every day and they require continuous training from workers to properly handle the equipment. The people who learn new skills and master them are the ones who will rise the ranks the fastest.

Communicate Your Career Goals

In most cases within the construction industry, your employer will hold the keys to your advancement. Regularly check in with your employer to express your career aspirations. You can also keep track of potential internal openings so that you can position yourself first in line for those promotions.

Hire A Staffing Agency

Searching for a job can be difficult. You spend tons of time updating your resume, applying for jobs, and attending interviews. A staffing agency can give your resume increased exposure to more employers—some that you may not have known were hiring. This will help you save a lot of time in your job search as you will not have to apply to each position separately. Using a staffing agency comes with zero costs and is completely free for applicants. 

Launch Your Construction Career With Our Staffing Services

The progression of your construction career is up to you. You can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to choose your own career path to help you move to the next level. With hundreds of people applying for each open position, it can be quite discouraging when you do not hear back from any companies. That’s why hiring a staffing agency that specializes in the construction industry will help you land your dream job and advance your career to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term job or something more permanent, Matrix Labour Leasing is committed to placing our employees in great companies and in jobs where they will succeed and. If you’re ready to launch your construction career, contact us by calling 1-866-666-9520 or by filling out our online contact form.


Are staffing agencies free?

Yes, they are. Staffing agencies work by charging the company in which the candidate has been successfully placed in. If an agency comes with costs associated with them, then they are not a trusted staffing agency.

Once I am placed in a new job do I have to stay there?

Some labour staffing agencies will allow you to give a construction company a “trial run” by having you be hired on a temporary basis. Keep in mind you will not have the same level of job security, and once the trial run is complete, the company has no obligations to hire you full-time.

What are my rights as a temporary worker?

Temporary workers have the same rights and protections as full-time employees but lack the same job security. You will still have the right to vacation, overtime pay, and breaks.

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