5 Trades That Desperately Need Workers in Alberta

Thinking about which trade to pursue as a career? Here are the five that most desperately need workers in Alberta, according to BuildForce Canada. 

If you have been considering a career in the trades, you most likely want to choose one where your skills will be in high demand. Luckily, BuildForce Canada has compiled construction outlooks for each province, gauging the need for workers in specific trades over the next decade. 

Here are the five trades identified by them that are in most need of workers over the next 10 years here in Alberta.

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5 Trades That Desperately Need Workers in Alberta

While certain trades have an ebb and flow to their worker shortage needs, we've decided to focus on the ones that show a consistent demand for the foreseeable future to better help with your career planning. 

BuildForce Canada rates each trade and their need for workers on a five-point scale, with five indicating there are not enough workers to meet current demand in local markets and one signaling there is excess labor supply. Figures between these two numbers correspond between these two extremes. The full report for Alberta can be found here

Below are the top five trades that desperately need workers in Alberta right now and in the next few years.

1. Boilermaker:
Boilermakers are responsible for assembling, installing, and repairing boilers, closed vats, and other large containers or vessels that hold gases or liquids. The need for them will be somewhat met in 2023 but returns to in-demand the next year and continuing onwards.  

2. Bricklayers:
Bricklayers do as their name suggests and then some. They lay brick, concrete, and pre-cut stone in mortar but are also responsible for constructing and maintaining residential and commercial buildings. They also restore or repair chimneys, walls, foundations, and decorative masonry. The need for this type of worker in Alberta is not expected to dip throughout the life of the report (till 2029).

3. Carpenters:
After a bit of oversaturation in 2023, carpenters will continue to be in high demand until at least 2030 rolls around, according to BuildForce Canada. The immediate need for these workers who cut, shape, and install wood building materials is quite high.

4. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics:
These skilled workers install, repair, maintain, calibrate, and adjust the instruments that are used to control and measure different industrial processes or pieces of equipment. A bump in local labour supply for their services is expected in 2023-2024 before a shortage is once again anticipated.

5. Insulators:
Insulators are the most needed workers in Alberta, according to the report. The immediate need for this trade that sees its workers install and replace the materials that are needed to save energy, reduce noise, and protect against fire is very high and only expected to get slightly better before the end of the current decade.


Tons of Trades to Choose From

As more people open themselves up to the possibility of a career in the trades and all the wonderful benefits that come with it, there are many trade professions that still float below the radar. The five in our list above highlight just a few of the trades that desperately need local workers to fill the current shortages afflicting them.

Be sure to check out the full report to get an even better understanding of which trades and occupations require skilled workers right away so you can better align your career planning with current labor needs. 

If you need help getting placed in a short-term labor job to see what a specific trade is like, be sure to contact us today so we can help you land a position.

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Q: Is a short-term labor job a good way to get into the construction industry?

Short-term labor jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door with the construction industry. You can make important connections and see firsthand what different trades are all about. 

Q: What is the average salary in Calgary?

According to PayScale, the average salary in Calgary is $66,000. 

Q: What construction jobs pay the most? 

Crane operators, drillers, and blasters have the highest median income according to Statistics Canada. Check out this article to find out what other construction jobs in Canada pay the most.

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