6 Benefits of Taking a Temp Job in the New Year

Are you looking to build your career in the upcoming year? Here’s why you should work with a Calgary placement agency and add temporary work to your 2019 work plan.

As more companies look for ways to save money, many are turning to more flexible staffing options to fill vacant jobs including working with placement agencies to hire temporary workers.

Most companies who look for temp workers are those that:

  • Need to fill vacant jobs quickly
  • Require professionals with specialized skills
  • Need extra help for a specific period of time (eg. due to maternity leave, or seasonal demands)
  • Want to train individuals before taking them on permanently

Find The Right Temp Job With Our Calgary Placement Agency

Matrix Labor Leasing is one of Calgary’ leading placement agencies, and we use innovative techniques and networking methods to connect skilled and experienced temporary employees with businesses seeking to fill vacant positions.

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6 Tempting Benefits of Taking a Temp Job in 2019

If you have been considering taking on a temporary position, then now may be the perfect time to enter the market. Many more companies are considering hiring temporary staff, whether it’s to cover extended leave of an employee, or to assist in special projects.

Just as many companies can enjoy the benefits of working with a placement agency to hire temporary workers, you (the potential employee) also has a lot to gain from a temp position, including:

1. You’ll find work quickly.

If you’re finding it hard to find a job, and you want to get back into work sooner rather than later, then taking on a temporary role can be a much shorter process than securing a permanent role within the same company.

2. You’ll have the flexibility to create your own schedule.

Do you have other commitments outside work such as school or a family? If so, then a temporary position will give you greater flexibility over your schedule. Unlike with a more traditional jb, you’ll be able to choose to work short/long term or contract assignments, to accommodate your specific lifestyle.

3. You’ll gain crucial experience.

If you have recently graduated, or are trying to transition into a different career, temporary roles will allow you to learn new skills, try out different industries, and gain experience with a range of procedures, so you can make the right choice before committing to a permanent role. (Importance of Working For The Right Temp Agency).

4. You’ll build your network.

Even if the company you’re working with doesn’t have a vacancy when your role ends, you can leave with good references. Such connections can also lead to longer-term positions in the future. Even better? Your placement agency will be keen to work with you again if you prove yourself to be reliable.

5. Your temp position could become permanent.

You can use your temp position as a way to get your foot in the door. If you prove your worth to the company (eg. by always being on time and taking on additional responsibility), they could extend your assignment to a more permanent position. (3 Ways to Turn Your Temporary Gig Into a Full Time Position).

6. You’ll eliminate gaps on your resume.

It can be very difficult to explain periods of unemployment on your resume to a potential employer. A temp position will allow you to keep your skills updated and maintain a solid timeline of employment, which will give you a huge competitive advantage in the job market.

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