6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking on a Short-Term Labour Job

Are you on the fence about whether or not you should apply for short term labour jobs in Calgary? Here are 6 reasons why this could be a great move for your career and mental well-being.

As more and more companies are looking for ways to save money, many business owners are turning to more flexible staffing options to fill any vacant construction labour jobs they have by working with placement agencies to hire temporary workers.

Companies who are looking for temp workers are those that:

  • Need to fill vacant job positions quickly
  • Require professionals with specialized skills
  • Want to train individuals before taking them on permanently
  • Require extra help for a specific amount of time (eg. due to seasonal demands)

Our Calgary Placement Agency Can Help You Find The Right Short Term Labour Job

Matrix Labour Leasing is one of Calgary’s leading placement agencies. We use innovative networking methods and techniques to connect skilled and experienced temporary workers with employers who are looking to fill vacant positions.

Wondering how our placement agency can help you find the right short term labour job?


6 Reasons to Take On a Short Term Labour Job This Year

Are you contemplating taking on a short term labour job this year? While you may be hesitant, with a recovering economy, accepting a short-term position may be the best option for ending your stay among the unemployed.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should consider taking on that short-term labour job:

  1. Temp jobs aren’t so temporary: Today, the length of a temporary job has increased significantly. Most temporary jobs used to be temporary by the day or week, but now, a lot of temporary work is contract in nature, where you may get up to a 6 month contract.
  1. Psychological benefits: If you’ve been unemployed for months and are down to your last dollar, a temporary job, even if it isn’t linear with your career path, can break the cycle of hopelessness you may be feeling. There are enormous psychological benefits of having employment compared to unemployment, even if it’s not ideal. Even a temporary job can give structure and meaning to your life.
  1. A job is better than no job: While a temporary job may be unrelated to your work history, it is still better than being unemployed and having a resume that has long gaps between jobs. Even if the job isn’t exactly what you want, it has some value in terms of the labour market.
  1. A temporary job could become permanent: If you put your best foot forward every day during your temp job, such as arriving early, taking additional responsibility, and fulfilling the goals of the role you’ve been given, you can make yourself indispensable and more likely to receive a permanent job offer at the end of your contract.
  1. You can expand your contacts: The employer you’re working for may not have an opening when the temp job ends, but if you make personal and professional inroads during your time there, you may leave with solid references. These connections as you continue to network might help lead you to the right long-term position.
  1. Temp work is universally beneficial: Regardless of your station in life, temporary work can serve you well. As a college graduate, it can provide you with critical hands-in experience and if you are out of work, a temp job can get you out of the house and instil a new sense of hope for returning to the labour force.

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