6 Ways to Ensure Well-being On Your Construction Site

Do you own a construction company? Here are 6 key safety tips you should follow to ensure the well-being of your workers.

It’s no secret that the construction workplace is not exactly a health and safety heaven. In fact, of all the industries, the construction industry accidents have the highest rate of fatality, at more than double the average of all other sectors.

A construction site can be a hazard nightmare, where everything wrong you could imagine, can happen.

Enhancing the safety of your site, therefore, can greatly improve:

  • your workers’ safety and well-being
  • the productivity of your company
  • your chances of completing a project in a timely manner
  • your risk of being sued or banned from operating

At Matrix, We Put Safety First

At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leading Calgary staffing agency, we make safety our number one priority. We partner with various construction companies to train their employees, create safety measures for the company, and eliminate any unsafe practices that can seriously harm your workers or other passersby.

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6 Most Common Construction Site Hazards To Watch out For

Construction worksites are an incredibly dangerous place to be because there are many safety hazards around every corner. That’s why it’s so important that construction workers know and follow the safety rules set forth by you, the employer.

To help you create these rules, here are 6 of the most common construction site hazards to watch out for:

Falls and Heights

Often, construction requires working at a height, meaning that height-related work fatalities on the site account for hundreds of accidents per year. The odds are increased by added mobility and access issues.

To counter this: Provide your workers with safety awareness training, as well as the necessary safety equipment, required to work at a height.

Slips and Trips

Due to slippery surfaces, holes, trailing cables, and other materials, slips and trips on the construction site happen daily. These can cause serious injuries such as fractures and/or dislocated bones, so reducing the risks in this area is crucial for your productivity.

To counter this: Ensure your employees have the proper workwear, footwear, and safety gear. In addition, signposts help to greatly reduce risks.


Noise is often known as a major ‘silent’ hazard on the worksite. While it doesn’t have the shock value of a fall, repetitive and excessive noise can cause long-term hearing problems, and they can be a dangerous diversion that can lead to other accidents at work.

To counter this: Make sure to adhere to the noise regulations of your province, which include implementing and documenting noise risk assessments, and always provide your workers with the required personal protective equipment.

Blue Finger

Blue finger is a painful disease of the blood vessels, nerves, and joints. It is caused by the prolonged use of vibrating power tools and ground equipment and is often referred to as the hand-arm vibration syndrome.

To counter this: if you have workers who use vibratory tools daily, they should be provided with the proper protective wear and have the machines they’re working with properly maintained. In addition, you should provide regular checkups to reduce the risk.


Working near power lines and cables greatly increase the electrocution risk on construction sites, as does those who carry out electrical work without the right qualifications. This means that a great number of construction works are suffering from electrocution whilst doing refurbishment work on commercial and residential buildings.

To counter this: Ensure that your employees have adequate safety training and qualifications before working with electricity. Electrocution hazard warning labels also greatly reduce this problem.


Heat-related injuries such as heat stroke or exhaustion can contribute to fatalities on the construction site. However, it is also the most preventable of all work-related risks.

To counter this: During the hotter months, ensure your workers stay hydrated and take periodic breaks throughout the date to minimize their risk of heat-related injuries.

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