8 Things to Remember to Help You Stay Safe on the Work Site

Workplace injuries can be easily avoided if you practice safe work habits. To help keep your body in top shape here are 8 things that you should remember to do:

  1. Always Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear

    Safety vests and hard hats are standard on all work sites, but some jobs require additional or specialized safety gear. This could include safety harnesses, ear protection, fire retardant clothing and specialized eye or face protective gear.

  2. Sit Down When Working at Lower Levels

    Avoid squatting or kneeling when completing work on lower levels. Instead, sit on a stable stool to avoid straining your waist and knees.

  3. Keep Your Wrists Level

    By keeping your wrists level and your arms relaxed, you avoid unnecessary strain. Excessive strain can result in swelling, tingling, strains, pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

  4. Keep Your Tool Belt Balanced

    Tool belts can be very handy, but if they are not properly balanced, they can pull your body out of alignment. If you find that one side of your belt is heavier than the other, adjust the weight by transferring tools to the lighter side.

  5. Wear Good Boots

    Though all construction sites require employees to wear steel-toed boots, there are other things you should also take into consideration when selecting footwear for work. Select boots that offer good ankle support so that you avoid rolling your ankles and injuring them. Your boots should also be comfortable, not rub or pinch and offer good arch support.

  6. Dress For the Weather

    If you are working outside, you will need to ensure you have a warm coat, a toque and gloves that have good grip and are warm but not bulky. Bulky gloves can interfere with your fine motor skills and a rubbery grip on the palm and finger area can help you properly grip tools. It is important to dress warmly so that you can avoid things like hypothermia.

  7. Remember to Rest

    If you are feeling tired or fatigued, take a break. Operating equipment while tired impairs your judgement and could put you in a situation where you accidentally harm yourself or others. If you are feeling fatigued, take a short break to regain your strength and rest your body.

  8. Lift Objects Properly

    No matter how hard you work, your back shouldn’t hurt at the end of the day. To avoid straining your back, you should avoid bending over when lifting heavy objects. Bend at the knees and keep your back upright when lifting and avoid twisting from side to side. To help yourself stay balanced, place one foot slightly ahead of the other.

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