A Basic Guide to Personal Safety Equipment

Construction site safety is everyone’s concern, and one of our top priorities at Matrix Labour Leasing. Personal safety equipment is an important part of staying safe on the job, so you should always ensure you have everything you need before setting foot on a job site. To help you stay safe here is a basic checklist of the items you should have.

  1. Hard hat
    Hard hats protect your head from falling objects, and can reduce the amount of electricity you are exposed to should your head come in contact with an exposed wire. Ensure your hard hat is in good condition with no cracks or broken portions. If you wish to clean your hard hat be sure to only use only warm soapy water as cleaning solvents can weaken your hat.

  2. Eye protection
    Wearing eye protection is important, but wearing the right type of eye protection for the task at hand is even more important. Ensure your eye protection is shatter proof and fits snuggly against your face. This keeps dust and other small pieces of debris away from your eyes. If you wear prescription lenses you can either get prescription eye protection or purchase eye protection that is designed to fit over prescription glasses. Prescription eye protection tends to be more expensive than glasses compatible eye protection.

  3. Safety vest
    A large part of staying safe on the work site comes down to ensuring other workers know where you are and can see you clearly. This is particularly important if you are working near a roadway, and increases the likelihood that drivers can see you clearly. Always wear your safety vest and if you have to go out of sight of the rest of the group while you are working make sure someone knows where you are in case an accident occurs.

  4. Appropriate clothing
    Ensure that your clothing is not too loose as it could get stuck in machinery. Long hair should also be secured out of the way. You should also ensure your clothing is appropriate for the weather. Wear multiple layers of clothing in the winter so that you can adjust your temperature as needed, and ensure you wear lighter clothing in the summer so you do not overheat. Consider investing in two sets of work boots, one for warm weather and one for cold weather, or purchasing warm socks so that you can keep your feet warm when necessary.

  5. Tool belt
    Ensure that all tools on your tool belt are secured. If you are working above someone and a tool comes loose you could cause serious injury. Make sure your belt is in good condition, and that none of the loops or pockets are frayed or damaged. You should also arrange the tools on your tool belt to ensure the weight is evenly distributed around your waist. A lopsided toolbelt puts unnecessary strain on your hips and back, and can lead to long term back problems.

  6. Work boots
    Make sure your work boots have a strong toe plate made of steel or a composite material and that they are appropriate for the weather. Winter boots should be waterproof, and you should have enough room to wear thick socks without restricting circulation. We go into more detail about selecting the right work boots for winter here. We understand that work boots in particular can be expensive. That is why as a current employee of Matrix, we can help ease the cost of your new boot purchase by creating a payment plan that works for you. For additional details please contact our office

Proper personal safety gear is important for staying safe on the job site. If you are unsure of what gear you need speak to your supervisor.

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