A Team of Experts

In every industry you need to know you can count on your workers, and no more so than in the construction industry. You need to know that each member of your team is qualified for the job and knows how to conduct themselves safely, and Matrix understands this. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose Matrix Labour Leasing to staff your next project:

  1. We Demand Excellence

    You can never be too careful, especially on a construction site. We pride ourselves on carefully vetting all of our employees, so that you can be sure of their qualifications before they even set foot on your site. With Matrix you know you are getting the best people for the job, so you know that your job will be done properly.

  2. Safety is our Top Priority

    To help our employees be their very best, we require that they all have the necessary safety tickets. To encourage our employees and help them get their safety tickets, we reimburse them for the costs associated with acquiring them. That way you know that every person on your site will always conduct themselves in a safe manner.

  3. We Offer a Multi-Skilled Workforce

    Whatever job needs doing on your site we have the man or woman for the job. Our large workforce is multi-skilled, and includes skilled tradespeople from all trades and skill levels, including Apprentices and Journeymen. So no matter what your project is, we can provide you with the perfect person for the job.

  4. We Have Integrity

    Because we only choose the best tradespeople we know that we can stand behind any and all work that they do. We also believe in being honest, both with our employees and with our clients and we always stay true to our word.

Don’t leave it to chance. Choose Matrix for your labour staffing needs. Call us today at 403.201.9520 and visit matrixlabourleasing.com for more information.

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