Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

A finance admin assistant is responsible for providing support to the finance department of an organization. This position involves a range of duties, including financial record-keeping, data entry, invoicing, and budget preparation.

To be successful in this role, a finance admin assistant must possess strong organizational and time management skills, as well as excellent attention to detail. They should also have a solid understanding of accounting principles and have experience working with financial software.

A finance admin assistant typically requires a high school diploma, although some employers prefer a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance. Some experience in bookkeeping or finance is also preferred. Salary ranges for finance admin assistants vary depending on the size and location of the organization, but generally range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

Overall, a finance admin assistant plays a key role in supporting the financial operations of an organization, ensuring that financial processes are accurate, efficient, and well-organized.

Specific job duties may vary depending on the size and structure of the organization, but typical responsibilities of a finance admin assistant may include:

1. Bookkeeping: Handling financial transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing, and bank reconciliations.

2. Data Entry: Entering financial information into databases and maintaining accurate records.

3. Budget Preparation: Assisting in the preparation of financial reports and budgets by gathering and analyzing financial data.

4. Invoicing: Creating and sending invoices to clients and customers.

5. Billing: Collecting payments from clients and keeping track of accounts receivable.

6. Financial Analysis: Assisting in analyzing financial data and making recommendations for improvements.

7. Expense Management: Recording and tracking expenses for the organization, including employee expenses.

8. Audit Support: Assisting with internal and external audits by providing financial data and reports.

9. General Administrative Support: Providing general administrative support to the finance department, such as scheduling meetings, answering phones, and filing documents.

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