An Exciting Time Ahead for The Calgary Construction Industry


If you're looking for a labourer or construction job in Calgary, or if you already work in the industry, then there's plenty going on to be excited about. The usual site of cranes and construction sites aren't limited to the downtown core and areas all over Calgary are undergoing some pretty exciting changes. Read the blog below to find out more.

Some interesting new projects are promising to rejuvenate the Beltine community, just south of the downtown area. Centron's Place Ten, situated between 4th and 5th street on 10th Ave SW, is a notable example and will bring life to the previously abandoned rail-side plot. With 620,000 square feet of office and retail space, this project is sure to be extremely successful upon completion and will no doubt boost interest in the surrounding areas.

Another nearby project is the 34-storey Park Point condo tower by Qualex-Landmark, a company who have another project on 8th street and 10th Ave SW that is now near completion.

Likewise, the East Village is starting to come together nicely with a variety of projects underway, including the National Music Centre, the new Central Library and numerous condo towers. Not only are the major construction projects in the East Village improving greatly, the area will benefit from a new grocery store that is planned for the coming years. This will serve both the East Village and nearby communities like Inglewood and Bridgeland.

Lastly, the Calgary airport and the surrounding areas have been at the centre of some large scale development, expansion and construction over the past couple of years. The new terminal is making good progress and the popularity of the airport has boosted the economy in the surrounding areas, causing new construction projects such as hotels, offices and warehouses to begin.

Bottom Line

With the sheer variety of construction projects underway in Calgary it truly is an exciting time to be working in the construction industry. No longer are the big projects reserved for the downtown core and areas like the Beltline, East Village and the YYC airport are experiencing plenty of construction activity.

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