Canada's Shift to Temporary Workers

Looking for a Labor Job in Calgary? What Canada’s Shift to Temporary Workers Could Mean For You

According to Statistics Canada, temporary work has grown at more than triple the pace than permanent employment, increasing by 14.3% since 2009. A detailed breakdown indicates that most of this growth has been amongst recent graduates and professionals under 35 years of age.

So what does this mean for professionals seeking labor jobs and employers looking for efficient staffing solutions?

Here are some of the primary ways a growing temporary job market will impact Canada’s workforce:

Increased flexibility: Temporary contract work affords employers a more flexible workforce that they can add to or scale back based on their annual needs. It’s also ideal for skilled employees who don’t want to be tied down to one employer. Increased Uncertainty: While temporary work may allow for flexibility, it also leaves some professionals feeling uneasy about the future of their careers.
Diverse Opportunities: A temporary position allows employees to try out new construction job opportunities without fully committing to one position. This can be useful when developing a resume or adding new & valuable knowledge to your skill-set. Lack of Job Security: Temporary employment lacks long-term job security. The number of available construction jobs & pay rates may fluctuate and tend to be conditional on a company’s peak periods (i.e. in the summer or during the holidays)
Leads to permanent work: The biggest advantage to a temporary construction job is that it can lead to a full-time position. Many employers end up hiring their temp workers if they excel in a particular role. Lack of Enjoyment: In order to pay the bills, you may find yourself taking assignments that don’t relate to your career goals. Many temp workers find it difficult to find work that closely matches their skills & abilities

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Despite Canada’s shift to temporary workers, Calgary-based temp agency, Matrix Labor Leasing, is committed to offering long-term labor placement and staffing solutions with competitive pay, career advancement, training, RRSP, contributions and medical benefits.


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