Construction Jobs On the Rise Despite Economic Downturn

Employment news in Calgary has been dominated this year by continual announcements of layoffs particularly within the oil industry.

But despite the doom and gloom, some industries have recently shown an increase in employment. This includes a surge in construction employment, with construction labor job openings rising at a fast pace.

Major new construction projects are springing up across Canada, with hot spots in every province. These include mine developments, hydro stations, bridges and highways as well as power plants.

Employers are looking for new, qualified tradespeople to fill these construction jobs on projects that often require hundreds of workers.

Big Construction Projects on the rise

Canada has the world’s third largest oil reserves, a huge hydroelectric capacity and tonnes of minerals and metals. This abundance of natural resources means that the projects in these areas and the need for blue collar staffing will be plentiful over the foreseeable future.

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A Growing Population Comes with Higher Construction Needs

People will always need somewhere to live, learn and to keep healthy. As our population grows, their needs must be met with new constructions such as condominiums, homes, schools, hospitals, libraries, shopping malls and many other facilities.

This means that there will always be a need for skilled tradespeople and many construction labor job opportunities.

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Maintenance of Infrastructure

Canada’s infrastructure is important for a healthy economy and for the quality of our everyday lives. This includes:

  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Water & electrical systems
  • Public parks, libraries & hospitals

A large portion of our infrastructure requires refurbishment and the same people who work on new construction projects are also those who are qualified to do the maintenance, resulting in diverse construction job opportunities.

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