Construction Sector Remains Strong Despite Economic Downturn

With more layoffs in the oil and gas sector being announced every day, a lot of Calgarians are worried about their own jobs. However, it turns out that oil, gas and mining jobs total 175,000 jobs in Alberta, making it only the fifth largest sector. So which sector employs the most people? Here are the numbers:

  1. Construction: 256,000
  2. Health care: 241,000
  3. Retail trade: 234,000
  4. Professional scientific and technical services: 184,000
  5. Oil and gas and mining: 175,000
  6. Accommodation and food services: 150,000
  7. Manufacturing: 145,000
  8. Transportation and warehousing: 130,000
  9. Education: 125,000
  10. Other services: 122,000

It turns out construction, not oil and gas, is what drives this province. Alberta boasts 256,000 jobs in construction, and that number looks like it is only set to grow. Despite the hard hit to the oil and gas sector Alberta’s unemployment rate remains below the national average. Our economy is actually quite diverse, allowing Calgary in particular to continue to move forward despite the recession. As the Canadian dollar remains low more Calgary companies will seek to use that to their advantage, building more homes and offices while it makes financial sense.

Many companies turn to Matrix Labour Leasing to find the skilled tradespeople they need for their construction projects. Matrix employs skilled tradespeople from all the different trades, and offers all employment on a full time basis. Matrix offers many benefits to their employees including:

  • Partial tuition refund through the Merit Constructors Association
  • Safety Training
  • RRSP/Retirement Plan
  • Medical and Dental benefits
  • Long term employment
  • Opportunities for advancement

The majority of Matrix employees having been with the company more than 5 years. We are able to maintain this high level of retention because we strive to create an exceptional workplace and family environment for our employees. We also never sacrifice workplace safety, and we never cut corners.

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