COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Matrix Safety Measures


Dear Clients and Colleagues:

I wanted to reach out to you all during this unprecedented time and share my thoughts with you.

The most important thing to us right now is keeping our employees healthy and employed and helping our clients mitigate business interruption. At the end of the day we are all experiencing something together that the modern world has never seen before and our leadership team is doing absolutely everything it can to ensure that the Matrix Community comes out of this stronger.

The first thing I wanted to address and emphasize, is to take this pandemic seriously. Covid-19 is NOT “just a cold” or “flu” and you can get very ill from it. More importantly, we must use extreme caution and take care of our sick and elderly as they are most exposed and what could be a couple of weeks of illness to us, could be life threatening to them.

Our head of Business Development, Claudia, compiled Safety Measures, Tips and Tricks on our website that we have implemented with our employees. Please take the time to review and implement at home, on the job site and share with friends, family and colleagues. Doing our part is critical to everyone’s well being.

From an economic standpoint, we have launched a business continuity task force to assist new and existing clients with staffing, payroll, HR and back office support. With departments shutting down, cancelled job fairs and layoffs, we have developed a hybrid solution that allows for agile operations over the short and long term if needed. We have access to over 30,000 segmented employees available for placement on demand.

Here is a correspondence we broadcasted earlier in the month highlighting our payroll and back office support program.

We have been taking precautions internally both from a health and business continuity standpoint. Over the past week, we have fully virtualized our office and are operating at 100% efficiency. We’re here, we’re fully resourced and available to support you however you need in business or in life.

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at or 403-966-4541

Always here,

Shannon Warren
Founder & CEO, Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd.

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