Creating Economic Prosperity In The Construction Sector In A Post Pandemic Environment

Wondering what initiatives are being taken to get Alberta's economy back on track? This article takes a look at what The Government of Alberta is doing to boost our economy and what the industry should expect in the coming post-pandemic stages.

With the collapse of worldwide economies due to the COVID pandemic, governments are stepping up with public money to create new jobs and projects that can help the economic recoveries of their nations. Alberta’s government plans to spend billions of dollars investing in core infrastructure projects to create over 32,000 jobs. Roads, schools, hospitals, highways, housing and other public buildings are some of the types of projects earmarked for funding. They are also working on removing regulations in many different areas that have been barriers to job creation. By funding these projects and removing red tape, Alberta hopes to set the stage for a recovery to pre-pandemic levels and continue to grow Alberta’s economy. Here's what industry businesses can expect and how to prepare for the projected future.

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What are some of the highlights from Alberta's Recovery Plan?

Due to the covid pandemic, economies around the world have been devastated. By making significant monetary investments in Alberta’s core infrastructure and removing red tape around job creation and project creation, the Alberta government hopes to spur economic growth to pre-pandemic levels. -Alberta's Recovery Plan

10 Billion In Core Infrastructure Projects To Create 32,000 Jobs

The largest ever investment in infrastructure projects in Alberta to create roads, schools, hospitals, highways, housing and other public buildings so that Alberta is ready when the recovery takes place. -Alberta Government Alberta’s Recovery Plan

1 Billion To Clean Up Oil And Gas Wells Creating 5,000+ Jobs

Over 1 billion dollars in grants were issued to clean up abandoned oil and gas wells in the province, part of a larger plan with the federal government for nearly 2 billion dollars.

Removing Red Tape To Accelerate Projects

The Alberta government is committed to cutting the number of regulatory requirements imposed by the government by one-third by 2023. As of June 2020 they completed more than 200 red tape initiatives.

Lowering And Deferring Taxes To Attract Investments And Create Jobs

While Alberta has always been one of the lowest tax jurisdictions, the government has created a Job creation tax cut, allowed for income tax deferral, initiated a property tax freeze and deferral and created the  Alberta Film Tax Credit to attract film studios to film in Alberta.

By investing heavily in core infrastructure projects, providing tax incentives, and removing the red tape associated with job creation, the Alberta government is positioning Alberta for a strong economic recovery in a post-pandemic environment. Call us today to see how our Calgary staffing agency can help you to efficiently hire the top talent for your project, reducing your overhead costs and hiring times so that your recovery project can stay on track and on or under budget!

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Can outsourcing my company’s hiring needs really save me money?

Yes, by hiring professionals who have already invested in getting to know quality candidates you can save significant resources and get straight to the more qualified candidates for your roles.

Is a short-term labor job a good way to get into the construction industry?

Short-term labor jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door with the construction industry. You can make important connections and see firsthand what different trades are all about. 

What construction jobs pay the most? 

Crane operators, drillers, and blasters have the highest median income according to Statistics Canada.

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