Edmonton Weathers the Storm

Even with current low oil prices, Edmonton’s future is looking bright! The Oilers are drafting top prospect Conner McDavid and, in bigger news, the city’s economy generated 4,800 new jobs in the month of February. Matrix Labour Leasing is excited to see an increase in the number of jobs in the construction industry. Continue reading the following blog for more information on the new jobs created in Edmonton.

Although employment in Alberta was down in February, jobs created in Edmonton kept the unemployment rate steady at 4.8% between January and February. Nationally, there was an increase in full-time employment; however, on the flip-side of the coin, there was a drop in part-time employment. Overall, national unemployment saw an increase of only 0.2% from January to February.

The lower oil prices are having an effect on several sectors across Canada and Edmonton’s job growth can only be a testament to the diversity of that city’s economy. With other parts of the country losing jobs, Edmonton is becoming a go to destination for employment stability. There is a misconception that Edmonton is completely dependent on the oil and gas sector. With lower oil prices, people just assumed that the city would be hit hard with massive layoffs, but the city is enduring economic issues and the depth of their economy is creating more jobs. Specifically, jobs in construction were up and there was a continued strength in the manufacturing industry.

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