Four-In-Four-Out Policy

The debate about temporary foreign workers in Canada is a heated one; no matter what position you take. Nevertheless, regulations announced in 2011 have gone into effect this past April, which essentially has thousands of workers leaving Canada for their home countries. This week’s blog will look at what the policy means for blue collar workers and construction employees in Alberta.

The new rules that have officially gone into effect as of April mean that foreign workers can only be employed in Canada for a duration of four years. At the end of the four-year work term not only do they have to return home, they can not apply for a work permit in Canada for four more years. The timeline is referred to as the four-in-four-out policy. With over 300,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada, the policy is going to have an undeniable impact on the workforce.

Alongside the agricultural and restaurant industry, the construction industry has a large number of temporary foreign workers. No matter where you stand on the issue, the fact of the matter is that the vacated jobs from foreign workers in the construction industry will need to be filled. Staffing companies like Matrix Labour Leasing are doing our due diligence to ensure that the construction industry continues with minimal disturbance by providing labour staffing.

Even with lower oil prices, the slumping economy and the four-in-four-out policy, the construction industry in Alberta is still holding strong. As we mentioned in last week’s blog, the popularity of home renovations shows a strong demand in the future for residential construction workers. Ultimately, there has always been and always will be a demand for hard-working blue collar employees in the construction industry.

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