Hate the Cold? Construction Jobs That Are Relatively Comfortable in Fall or Winter

You can certainly feel it in the air. Winter is on its way. Or already here, depending on where you live. Here are the top construction jobs in Calgary and other cold climate locations that are relatively speaking quite comfortable.

It used to be that most construction projects would shut down during the winter months in places like Calgary where the mercury can reach a balmy -30°C come January or February. But times, they are a-changing' as Bob Dylan famously sang. Now winter construction projects are not only commonplace, but they're also a necessary requirement so companies and workers can keep afloat during the frigid months.

Here are the top construction jobs that can be carried out in relative comfort come November through to March.

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Construction Jobs That Are Relatively Comfortable in Fall or Winter

Let's be honest, we don't get much of a fall here in Calgary. Usually, we get one or two weeks where the leaves look beautiful and then we're thrust right into winter. If your job entails working outside during the extremely cold months our winter's are known for here in Calgary, then life can be somewhat difficult. Unfortunately, construction workers fall squarely into this category. 

But not all construction jobs come with this burden. Here are the main ones that can be done without freezing your you-know-what too badly.

Heavy Equipment Operator

The cabs of these vehicles are usually heated, offering protection to those fortunate enough to be operating them in sub-zero temperatures. Making life even better for these construction workers is how well-compensated they are for their work, with their average employment income equaling $58,373.


Machinery and Transportation Equipment Mechanics

Most of the work these skilled mechanics do luckily takes place inside heated bays. The main caveat to this construction job of course is when they have to repair a broken down piece of machinery or equipment on site. That's certainly not as much fun for them.


Much like with machinery and transportation equipment mechanics, carpenters get to perform most of their work inside heated facilities. Or they might find themselves inside a framed house during the winter months if they work on more intricate pieces. As for rough carpenters who frame houses, most home builders prefer to have their houses framed well in advance of winter. 

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While you might not think doing a construction labour job in the winter would be all that comfortable, these workers are generally tasked with ferrying materials or cleaning up sites. Both tasks keep them moving almost non-stop throughout their workday, and because they aren't doing anything too technical, they can usually bundle up quite a bit.

Not All Construction Jobs Are Insufferable During The Winter Months

As the above list shows, not every job in construction is significantly worse come the winter months. If you've been considering a career in the construction sector and don't like cold one bit, then some of the jobs we touched on could be a perfect fit for you.

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