Housing Starts Show Promise for Calgary Construction

For people who work in Calgary’s construction industry, there’s little to be concerned about when it comes to the city’s current economic conditions, if Calgary housing starts are any indication.

Despite statements of worry about the health of the economy as it relates to Alberta’s oil sands industry, residential construction in Calgary is booming. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recently put out revised figures about the number of housing starts expected in 2015, and those numbers look good.

First, some context. Over the past decade, the average number of annual housing starts has been around 12,300. In 2009, the first full year of the most recent recession, builders started just over 6,300 new homes, then did 9,262 more in 2010.

For 2015, builders expect to start 13,600 homes this year, and another 12,100 in 2016. That means for job-seekers hoping to find work in Calgary’s construction industry, the numbers are promising.

Additionally, the CMHC thinks that the price of homes in Calgary will also continue on their upward trend – another good sign for construction job-seekers in Alberta’s biggest city.

For those interested in finding work in construction, now is a good time. Builders in the city and surrounding areas will be looking for labour with solid skills and safety training certification, like the COR courses we offer at Matrix Labour Leasing.

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