How a Short-term Labour Job Can Launch Your Construction Career

Have you been wanting to get into the construction industry but don't know how? You should consider taking a short-term labour job. As our Calgary construction staffing company explains in our article this week, it could be the catalyst you need to launch a lucrative career in construction. 

Despite steady job growth predictions, career advancement opportunities, and very stable employment, there's a major labour shortage currently affecting the construction industry. One recent report says that 80 per cent of contractors are having a difficult time finding qualified workers. If you've been wanting to get into the construction industry as a career, there truly is no better time to do so. But getting your foot in the door can prove challenging for those who don't have any prior construction experience or related skills. And that's where a short-term labour job can help catapult you into the industry and keep you there for the rest of your life. 


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How a Short-term Labour Job Can Launch Your Construction Career

Sometimes the hardest part of launching a career in a given industry is getting that first job within it. Many employers can be somewhat hesitant to trust someone who doesn't have any experience or related skills. But how are you supposed to get experience if no one will give you a job? Therein lies the ultimate catch-22. 

One great strategy for solving this conundrum when it comes to the construction industry is to take a short-term labour construction job. Here's why. 

Little to no experience required

Labour jobs in the construction industry usually require little to no prior experience. These jobs are primarily focused on cleaning up work sites and helping out the hired contractors for the project in question. So long as you're dependable, punctual, relatively fit, and possess a positive attitude, you should immediately be a strong candidate for any short-term labour construction jobs that are currently available. 

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Training opportunities

If you prove yourself to be a capable and dependable labourer, your site foreman or boss may ask you to take on more complicated or technical tasks as your employment with the construction company progresses. They may even have you be trained on certain equipment or machines, allowing you to gain invaluable experience and skills while still earning money. 

Greater awareness

Becoming a short-term construction labourer can expose you to numerous trades you may have never even considered as a career before. As you see what these tradespeople do on a daily basis, you'll be able to get a feel for what their responsibilities and tasks generally entail. This could lead to you apprenticing with one of the contractors you've built up a relationship with on-site, should you express your interest and once again prove your dependability.


You aren't locked in

One of the biggest advantages of a short-term labour construction job is the fact you aren't locked into it for an extended period of time. Unlike attending trades school where you're committed both financially and in terms of time, you can sort of test drive the construction industry and see if it's a career you really see yourself in for the long haul. 

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