How Back Office Support Solutions Can Help Your Small Business

How Back Office Support Solutions Can Help Your Small Business

Back office outsourcing is a way to run the day-to-day activities of a company’s back office administration work. While back office tasks are integral to keeping your business running, they can be time-consuming and tedious. But these tasks need to be completed on time and without error or your business can suffer. The solution to making sure all tasks are completed properly and punctually without taking away valuable company resources is to use back office support solutions. Businesses that offer this service essentially take on the administration work and offer your company several benefits.

The Benefits Of Back Office Support Solutions

Save Time And Resources
By outsourcing your back office tasks, you have time to focus on the more pressing aspects of your business that need your leadership skills instead of spending your time doing monotonous paperwork. While you need time to run your business, hiring a new staff member to take care of the back office work can be very pricey and the process of creating a position, advertising, interviewing, hiring, and then onboarding will be both time consuming and costly. By outsourcing your back office, it’s like you are renting a team of staff to complete all of the necessary back-end tasks so that you can focus on other important aspects of the business without the need for a new hire.

Streamline Tasks
Whether your company is 5 people or 500, there are always lots of back office tasks that need to be completed: insurance, payroll processing, risk management, IT service, record maintenance, and more. Hiring different people for all of these tasks or trying to have management do everything is not feasible. By utilizing back office support solutions through a staffing agency, you can have all of your back office work completed swiftly and efficiently by one company. This keeps all of your back office tasks together and in the hands of someone you know you can trust to get all of the work done correctly and quickly.

Choose Your Services
Back office solutions can take on multiple responsibilities or just a few, depending on what your company needs. As your business either grows or shrinks, you can change the workload and/or duties of the back office support service. This scalability ensures you’re getting done all of the work you need to support your business without losing any time or money.

Local Back Office Solutions
Contracting services from a local back office support company instead of one overseas allows for a greater understanding of regional influences. Local companies keep up to date with larger trends such as fluctuations in the Canadian economy and seasonal trends such as businesses that are impacted by weather delays or seasonal staffing necessities. Local companies also tend to focus more on creating a relationship between their business and yours, and they tend to understand the hard work and pride you put into your business.

Back Office Support Solutions From Matrix Labour Leasing

At Matrix Labour Leasing, we understand what it means to be a small Canadian company and we’re here to support you and your business aspirations. We launched our back office operation solutions in 2020 to help businesses eliminate non-core workloads to focus valuable time and resources on the growth and sustainability of their company. When you partner with Matrix Labour Leasing for your back office services, we will implement new technologies that flawlessly integrate with various systems. With our experience and technology at your disposal, you can focus on the day-to-day tasks of running your business and leave the paperwork up to our skilled team of professionals. To partner with Matrix Labour Leasing, contact us either by phone at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What back office support services does Matrix offer?
A: When you partner with Matrix for our Back Office Support, our services include (but are not limited to): 

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Management
  • Compliance Regulation 
  • Employment Standards
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Payroll Processing and Remittance
  • Legislation Compliance Management 
  • Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (Up to $5M)

Q: What are some benefits of partnering with Matrix Labour Leasing for back office support?
A: Matrix can keep your back office support operations simple while assuming legal responsibilities and ensuring that employees are paid on time.

Q: Is Matrix Labour Leasing a staffing agency?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is a full-service human resources agency. We offer staffing and recruitment solutions while also offering back office support, including Employer of Record (EOR), Agent of Record (AOR), and compliance solutions. By offering multiple services, we allow business owners to focus their efforts on growing and developing their business while we take care of HR responsibilities.

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