How Do Temp Agencies Work?

How Do Temp Agencies Work?

A common misconception is that temp agencies are the same as staffing agencies. While both agencies aim to find employees for an employer, the method by which they proceed and the kinds of candidates they specialize in differ. Unlike a staffing agency, which recruits temp-to-hire and direct-hire candidates and presents a curated selection of potential hires for the employer to vet, a temp agency independently fills in temporary vacancies on the behalf of the employer. 

Though work found by a temp agency rarely lasts beyond the contract terms, a temporary or a seasonal job can be a fulfilling position for newcomers to the job market and summer students. 

If you think a temporary position in the construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, warehousing, or hospitality industry is perfect for you, contact Matrix Labour Leasing. Matrix has generated over $100 million in sales and over four million employment hours by providing both short and long-term staffing solutions to the top employers in Western Canada for over 18 years.

The Temp Agency And You 

A temp agency is hired by a company (the client) to fill temporary positions on its behalf. Construction companies, for example, often rely on temp agencies to provide them with short-term workers when extra help is needed to finish a project. Companies do not usually retain these workers for the long haul. 

Understanding that the entire hiring process is delegated to the temp agency is key to understanding the relationship between the temp agency and the client, and where you fit in all of this

The temp agency is the boss: Because the client is not involved in the hiring process, your candidacy depends solely on your ability to convince the temp agency that you are ideal for the role. The agency is the one who will determine if you are qualified to meet the client’s needs. Impress the temp agency during your interviews and skills assessments, and you will position yourself as a front runner for the job.

The temp agency pays you: Even though you are doing work for the company that hired the temp agency, your remuneration actually comes from the temp agency itself. The temp agency pays you with the money it has received from the company that hired it. 

Note that your job performance at the company remains as important as ever. Though it does not write your paychecks, it is in constant contact with the temp agency. A good word can be the difference between finding another temp position right after and languishing in the job market. 

You do not need to pay the temp agency: The temp agency can help land a job for you, but you will not have to pay for its services. That is because its customer is actually the hiring company一not you. Think of yourself as the resource or asset that is being paid for by the company. 

This does mean that the temp agency’s loyalty lies foremost with the company that contracted it. The temp agency’s goal is to find the best workers for its client一not to find the best position for you. This further speaks to the importance of taking the hiring process seriously so that the temp agency can see you will be a good fit for its client. 

Your relationship with the temp agency cannot be understated. If you are planning to stick to temporary roles for the foreseeable future, you must remain in good standing with the temp agency. The more employable it thinks you are, the more likely it is to select you to fill in newly vacant positions. And this mutually beneficial partnership begins with making a strong impression on the temp agency and constantly performing on the job you are assigned to. 

Accelerate Your Career

Are you looking for a temp agency to catapult you in the construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, warehousing, or hospitality industry? Matrix Labour Canada can help. We are in constant connection with some of the most established skilled trades and labour companies in Western Canada, and our placements have logged more than 4,000,000 hours in since 2004. Call us at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the online contact form to apply as a temporary worker with Matrix Labour Canada. 


Q: Does Matrix Labour Leasing only specialize in temporary staffing solutions?
A: No, we also specialize in temp-to-hire and direct-hire placements. 

Q: Is the contracting company involved in the hiring process of temporary workers?
A: No. The contracting company usually fully delegates the hiring process to the temp agency. The agency will unilaterally screen, interview, and select the workers that will be working for the contracting company.

Q: Where can I find temporary work in the construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, warehousing, or hospitality industry in Canada ?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

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